100% cruelty-free

No animal hair

13rushes was born with one aim in mind: to prove that leading a cruelty-free lifestyle is feasible. We take a firm stance against animal cruelty in fur farms. Every brush is made with hypoallergenic textured synthetic bristles.

meticulously handcrafted

made with love

From start to finish, each powder brush undergoes 12 production stages by 26 craftsmen. Unlike machine-cut brushes, every bristles filament in our powder brush is trimmed only at it's ends. This level the bristle tips untouched for unmatched softness.

local & proud

designed in singapore

We takes full responsibility in establishing the functionalities of each brush. This involves designing the look of the brush, choosing the type of hair used and making sure these designs work for our customers. Our brushes are further hand trimmed (in-house and in Singapore) so that each brush feels absolutely-amazingly brilliantly soft on your face.


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