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Tell me more about your company. Based in Singapore, 13RUSHES is motivated by our passion for outstanding makeup innovations. We craft a fine selection of makeup brushes to affordable prices. Click here to learn about our brand philosophy!

What are the bristles made of? All bristles are made of Taklon, a 100% synthetic alternative to animal hair. Each filament is tapered and tipped to erode the first scale of the filament, optimizing the pick up and release of powder products. Taklon is suitable for people with sensitive skin as it is non-allergenic (polyester fibre devoid of protein components).

Does 13rushes test on animals? No, we do not conduct, condone, or endorse testing on animals or using any animal products in our production 



What should I do if my product is a defect? Please check out our returns and exchange policy here.



How can I make payment?  Kindly visit our orders and payments page to find out more.

I have checked-out a wrong order. How can I amend my orders? Do drop us an e-mail  ( to alert us of the issue. Kindly visit our orders and payments page to find out more.   



How will the goods be delivered to me? How long will shipping take? The final shaping and trimming of the brushes will commence upon the receipt of your order. The time required for the completion of brush shaping varies with the complexity of the brush shape. We usually require 1 to 4 working days before the brushes can be sent for shipping (not mass produced brushes!). We seek your kind understanding in any unforeseen delays. For more information, kindly visit our shipping and delivery page to find out more.



I am a professional makeup artist and would like to learn more about product sponsorships and professional discounts. Product sponsorships and professional discounts are available to practicing professionals on a case-by-case basis. Kindly find out more here.

I am a beauty blogger and would love to review your products Thank you for your interest! Please submit an application here to request for product samples.

I am a retailer. I would like to resell your products. We welcome all wholesaling opportunities. Kindly find out more here.



I'll like to customize my own brush set. Please click here to customize your brushes!

How should I clean my brushes?  Wash: Swirl the brush head in a diluted mixture of the MIRACLEanser. For more stubborn stains, work a small amount of the cleanser into the bristles. Rinse brush and squeeze any excess water. Dry: Shape your brushes and leave them on a towel to dry. It’s best to dry your brushes with the brush head pointing down! Avoid drying your brushes in an upright position, as this will cause water to settle at the base of your brush head, causing unnecessary shedding and loosening the ferrule overtime. Also, do not dry your brushes with a hair dryer!  Storage: With their respective brush guards, store these brushes in our brush cup holder! Brush rolls are also a great storage solution, except that you have to make sure these brush rolls do not press onto your bristles and change the bristles' shape overtime.

How long can these brushes last? Your TLC can go a long way in extending the life of your brushes. Brushes can usually last for years. However, we recommend replacing your brushes when you notice any of the following: Shedding, Mis-shapened bristles, Permanently stained brushes

I have sensitive skin, which base tool is best for me? All our tools are hypoallergenic and hence suitable for people with allergic responses to animal hair.  However, If you have very dry or sensitive skin, you probably would not want to exfoliate your skin as much. Our best bet is the Blushmallow, as the "bouncing" application technique would cause the least micro-exofoliation.