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Does 13rushes test on animals? 
No way. Animal testing is a crime. We do not conduct, condone, or endorse testing on animals or using any animal products in our production. All of our products are 100% cruelty-free!. 

Which are your premium brushes?

Apart from obvious color, shape and size differences, all brushes perform equally well. The differences in pricing are reflections of how much it costs to make these brushes at the point in time. With the increasing inflation of raw materials and the disruptions to the supply chain ( covid ): ), new brushes tend to cost more to produce. This explains why later launches and revisions are a little pricer.

Tell me more about your company. 
Based in Singapore, 13rushes started with a passion and mission to prove that cruelty-free brushes can outperform animal hair. We craft an excellent selection of cruelty-free makeup brushes to affordable prices. Click here to learn about our brand philosophy!

How do you pronounce 13rushes?
It's pronounced as thirteen-rushes.

What are the bristles made of? 
Our bristles are made of Taklon, a 100% synthetic alternative to animal hair. Each filament is tapered and tipped to erode the first scale of the filament, optimising the pickup and release of powder products. Taklon is suitable for people with sensitive skin as it is non-allergenic (polyester fibre devoid of protein components). We source these bristles from various countries such as Germany and Korea.



What should I do if my product is a defect?
Please check out our returns and exchange policy here.



What type of payment modes do you accept? 
At the moment, we accept Paypal transfers, Debit/Credit Card and Internet Banking.


How do I notify you of my payment?

Submit a screenshot of your transaction to:


I have checked-out the wrong order. How can I amend my orders? 
Do drop us an e-mail  ( to alert us of the issue.



How will the goods be delivered to me? How long will shipping take? 
The final shaping and trimming of the brushes will commence upon the receipt of your order. The time required for the completion of brush shaping varies with the complexity of the brush shape. We usually need 1 to 4 working days before the brushes can be sent for shipping (not mass produced brushes!). We seek your kind understanding of any unforeseen delays. For more information, kindly visit our shipping and delivery page to find out more.



Do you have any discounts for professional make-up artists?
We're always keen to work with make-up artists! Product sponsorships and professional discounts are available on a case by case basis. Do email us at with your professional portfolio. 

I am a beauty blogger and would love to review your products.
Thank you for your interest! Reviews are always helpful for us. You can email us at with your media kit or social media URLs for us to review. 

I am a retailer. I want to resell your products. 
We welcome all wholesaling opportunities. Do drop us an email at


I'll like to customise my own brush set.
Sure you can! Drop us an email at or DM us on Instagram, and we'll assist you with that order.

How should I clean my brushes?
Just wet the bristles and use a gentle brush soap such as our Marvel Bar. After lathering the bristles with the soap, rub the bristles on a cleansing pad to get rid of any make-up stains. Finish off by rinsing out all the soap for the brush and hang the brush with the brush head facing down on a drying stand to let all the water drip away from the brush.

How long can these brushes last?
Brushes can usually last for years. To prolong the lifespan of your brushes, do make sure that you wash it clean and store it properly. However, we recommend replacing your brushes when you notice any of the following: shedding, misshapen bristles, permanently stained brushes.

I have sensitive skin, which base tool is best for me?
All our tools are hypoallergenic and hence suitable for people with allergic responses to animal hair.