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Touch Up Artist

Sale price$26.00

One of our customer’s favorite for foundation application. Its flat and broad shape means it wastes less products!

A flat crescent-shaped tapered brush that helps with powder touch-ups without messing your makeup. Unlike a fluffy powder brush, the Touch Up Artist packs on powders precisely with minimal fallouts. It’s densely packed brush head blends even the creamiest product. Furthermore, this brush is also a great multi-tasker. Apart from setting powder, use it to prime, apply foundation, conceal dark circles, highlight and contour your face!

We wanted a brush that was flat, firm but still keeping it a little fluffy so that it can pack on powders precisely with minimal fallouts.

These characteristics coincidentally makes the brush wonderful for blending liquids and creams. One thing we all dislike is how big chubby brushes absorb way too much products.

So this brush solves that! This brush actually blends more than it absorbs ♥️ reducing wastage, maximising efficiency!


Use with

⇨ Concealers

⇨ Primers

⇨ All textures of foundations

⇨ Pressed and loose powders

⇨ All textures of highlighters

⇨ All textures of contouring products


Touch Up Artist
Touch Up Artist Sale price$26.00