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13ly- The Round

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Experience the ultimate ease of makeup application with “The Round” brush. Thoughtfully crafted with versatility in mind, this smaller-sized brush is an all-in-one solution for various makeup needs. Its unique shape is meticulously designed to handle all functions, from precise detailing to gentle blending.

It’s rare to find a petite face brush that offers such remarkable bounce and versatility, fitting seamlessly across all face shapes and sizes. We believe ‘The Round’ is an essential addition to your makeup arsenal, especially for makeup artists. The versatility of a tool often surpasses the need to accumulate numerous brushes of various shapes and sizes. By simplifying your kit with ‘The Round,’ you streamline your workflow, allowing you to concentrate on the artistry rather than searching for the right tool. This approach transforms brushes into extensions of your creative expression, freeing you from the limitations of your tools.

The 13LY Collection will be shipped separately from regular 13rushes products. 

A co-creation with one of Singapore’s most prolific artist, Larry Yeo.

Shape - Unmatched Precision: "The Round" boasts a small, dome-shaped brush head expertly crafted for targeted application. The carefully arranged synthetic bristles offer an exacting touch for detailed work, making it perfect for concealing, highlighting, and precise blending in delicate areas like under the eyes and around the nose.

Bristle layout and design- Soft touch: The smaller, fluffier bristles offer a gentler touch, ideal for targeted blending, building color in specific areas, and reaching those hard-to-get areas like the sides of the nose or under the eyes with exceptional control. This brush is especially amazing for soft highlighting

Adaptable to All Textures: Equipped with our proprietary cruelty-free synthetic bristles, "The Round" brush is gentle on the skin and versatile across all makeup textures. It moves effortlessly between cream, liquid, mousse, gel, powder, and even the densest waxes without absorption.

Use with

⇨ All face makeup: skincare, sunblock, primer, cushion compact, bb or cc cream, foundation, concealer, contour, highlight, bronzer, blush, loose powder, pressed powder)

⇨ All textures: cream, liquid, mousse, gel, powder, heavy waxes

Coverage and finish

⇨ Natural to Medium 

⇨ Soft diffused finish


In collaboration with beauty educator and makeup artist, Larry Yeo, we present the 13LY Collection - a range of brushes designed to redefine your makeup experience. We understand that navigating the vast world of makeup tools can be overwhelming, often standing as a barrier to the true art of makeup application. Our goal with the 13LY Collection is to dissolve these complexities.

We want to delve into what truly sets ‘The Round’ apart. Crafting this brush involves a meticulous process of layering bristles for consistent texture and achieving precision that’s exceptionally challenging. Each brush is shaped by hand with incredible care by highly skilled artisans, endowing it with unparalleled softness and the ideal spread for our makeup needs.

This project is a collaboration born from the expertise of Larry Yeo. It took time and considerable research to perfect this shape, but we are confident it will emerge as a beloved staple in the beauty community.

We recommend using a different brush when you’re working with multiple textures. It’s always a good idea to use a separate brush when you’re switching from liquids to powders and vice versa.

Trust in our expertise to provide you with the perfect tools; your role is to simply revel in the art of beauty

Learn more about the 13ly collection here.

13ly- The Round
13ly- The Round Sale price$37.90

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