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13rushes x Larry Yeo

Brushes, Reimagined

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13ly- Do It All13ly- Do It All
13ly- Do It All Sale price$49.90
13ly- The Round13ly- The Round
13ly- The Round Sale price$37.90
13ly- Sword13ly- Sword
13ly- Sword Sale price$19.90
13ly- The Fluff13ly- The Fluff
13ly- The Fluff Sale price$32.90
13ly- Point13ly- Point
13ly- Point Sale price$24.90
13ly- The Complete kit (Brushes only)13ly- The Complete kit (Brushes only)
13ly- The Complete kit (with grey case)13ly- The Complete kit (with grey case)
13LY- The Trio13LY- The Trio
13LY- The Trio Sale price$414.00
13LY- The Quintessential13LY- The Quintessential
13LY- The Quintessential Sale price$690.00
13LY- Makeup Case13LY- Makeup Case
13LY- Makeup Case Sale price$38.50

13rushes x larry yeo

bestsellers renewed

This collaborative masterpiece is a celebration of streamlined beauty. It's our answer to the complexities of the modern makeup toolkit, crafted to bring simplicity back to your beauty routine.

The tools

Your Essential Five

Delve into the core of the 13LY series - five brushes designed for maximum versatility. Each one is a multi-functional gem, capable of transforming every aspect of your makeup application into an effortless, smooth process.

Designed to delight

Brushes that marry comfort with artistic precision. Ergonomically designed for precision and ease.

Design Meets Functionality

Crafted for Clarity & Artistry

Our focus on key, versatile brushes eliminates the confusion of choice, decluttering your routine and enhancing your focus on the art of makeup application.

Let Us Handle the Craft, You Create the Art

Embrace the Joy of Makeup

Shift your focus back to the love of beauty. At 13LY, we take care of the fine details of brush craftsmanship so you can immerse yourself in the joy of makeup.

Maintain the Rhythm of Your Routine

seamless flow

The 13LY Collection ensures your beauty routine flows without pause. Having multiple brushes allows for continuous creativity, making transitions between creams and powders fluid and natural.

The Synergy of Expertise

13rushes x larry

Merging Larry Yeo's insights with 13rushes' experience, the 13LY Collection bridges professional artistry and everyday beauty routines.

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