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13ly- The Fluff

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It’s so fluffy, you’ll think you’re dreaming! 💭🌟 Meet The Fluff: your new go-to for precision blending in those tricky areas like nose contouring, eyeshadow blending, concealer smoothing, and under-eye setting.

🌈 Dreamed up amidst giggles and a sprinkle of magic, this tiny powerhouse is the brainchild of our collaboration with the fabulous Larry Yeo.

Its bristles are as mystical as a unicorn’s mane, yet wonderfully real in their cruelty-free promise. 🦄

A co-creation with one of Singapore’s most prolific artist, Larry Yeo.

Shape - Rounded dome shape profile: A medium sized, slightly fluffy, domed shape brush with soft, dense bristles. The full, plush head is ideal for softening edges and diffusing color seamlessly across the eyelid. 

Application - impeccable blending. Whether you're blending out bold shades or creating a subtle gradient, trust in The Fluff for a seamless finish. 

Texture mastery: The Fluff is versatile across all mediums, working effortlessly with liquids, powders, and creams to achieve a precise yet soft finish.

Great for

⇨ Eyeshadow Application: The Fluff is excellent for applying powder eyeshadows. Its size and shape allow for both broad sweeps of color across the lid and more targeted application in the crease.

⇨ Blending anything: The Fluff is particularly famed for its blending capabilities. It can seamlessly blend eyeshadow colors together, soften harsh lines, and create a well-blended gradient effect.

⇨ Highlighting: Due to its precision, it can also be used for applying highlighter to specific areas like the brow bone or the inner corner of the eyes.

⇨ Concealer Application: We love it for applying and blending concealer in small areas, like under the eyes or around the nose.

⇨ All textures: cream, liquid, mousse, gel, powder, heavy waxes

Coverage and finish

⇨ Medium color payoff

⇨ Soft diffused finish

Application Tips: Use this brush to blend eyeshadows seamlessly into the crease and across the lid. It's also great for applying a wash of color for a quick and effortless look. For a soft-blended edge, use light circular or windshield wiper motions.

The philosophy

In collaboration with beauty educator and makeup artist, Larry Yeo, we present the 13LY Collection - a range of brushes designed to redefine your makeup experience. We understand that navigating the vast world of makeup tools can be overwhelming, often standing as a barrier to the true art of makeup application. Our goal with the 13LY Collection is to dissolve these complexities.

With “The Fluff”, we invite you to embrace simplicity. Instead of accumulating multiple brushes in different shapes and sizes, consider the efficiency of having multiples of this single, versatile brush. It’s about streamlining your makeup process, focusing more on the art of application and less on the technicalities of the tools.

We recommend using a different brush when you’re working with multiple textures. It’s always a good idea to use a separate brush when you’re switching from liquids to powders and vice versa.

Trust in our expertise to provide you with the perfect tools; your role is to simply revel in the art of beauty

Learn more about the 13ly collection here.


13ly- The Fluff
13ly- The Fluff Sale price$32.90

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