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Marvel bar- Chunky Soap Bar


Perfect for routine everyday cleaning-  Restore your brushes to their original luster!

This heavy duty bar soap for brushes and sponges marvelously removes even the most stubborn makeup, dirt, and gunk. To help you stretch your dollar, we've made this bar extra chunky so that it lasts at least a hundred washes. Enjoy endless clean brushes... forever!

How to use:

Simply wet the brush and work up a lather on the solid bar soap. Swirl gently over the bar soap's surface until the foam has lifted away visible impurities. Rinse the brushes and shape to dry. 

Ingredients: Sodium Aliphatate 98%, Water 2%. Free of fragrance and additives, this soap can be used daily without harming your brushes.

Weight: 190 grams

Made in Japan

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