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13ly- Sword

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The Sword Brush is both precise and versatile. Featuring a distinctive flat, angled shape, reminiscent of a sword's blade.


  • Eyebrows: The angled edge works wonders in applying brow powders and gels with exactness, mimicking the natural hair strokes for fuller, well-shaped brows.
  • Eyeliner: It can be used with gel, liquid, or powder eyeliner to draw sharp and precise lines along the lash line
  • Lips: The brush's curved shape has been calculated to navigate the curves of the lips, makes it excellent for outlining the lips with lipstick or lip liner, ensuring edges are clean and well-defined.
  • Concealer: Ideal for spot concealing or cleaning up the edges of lipstick. Fill up tear trough and laugh lines

Shape and Features:

  • Angled Edge: The bristles are arranged at an angle, creating a sharp edge that is perfect for defining the brows or creating a crisp eyeliner wing.
  • Flat Side: The flat side of the brush is ideal for packing on color or filling in larger areas with precision.
  • Straight Bristles: allows for uniform application and the ability to create straight lines with ease.

The firmness of the bristles offer a level of control that’s unique, making it a valuable addition to the 13LY Collection.

Coverage and finish

⇨ High color payoff

The philosophy

In collaboration with beauty educator and makeup artist, Larry Yeo, we present the 13LY Collection - a range of brushes designed to redefine your makeup experience. We understand that navigating the vast world of makeup tools can be overwhelming, often standing as a barrier to the true art of makeup application. Our goal with the 13LY Collection is to dissolve these complexities.

With “Point”, we invite you to embrace simplicity. Instead of accumulating multiple brushes in different shapes and sizes, consider the efficiency of having multiples of this single, versatile brush. It’s about streamlining your makeup process, focusing more on the art of application and less on the technicalities of the tools.

We recommend using a different brush when you’re working with multiple textures. It’s always a good idea to use a separate brush when you’re switching from liquids to powders and vice versa.

Trust in our expertise to provide you with the perfect tools; your role is to simply revel in the art of beauty

Learn more about the 13ly collection here.


13ly- Sword
13ly- Sword Sale price$19.90

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