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13LY- The Trio

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Introducing the 13LY Trio, an exclusive collaboration with Larry Yeo, now available as a triple set offer for the makeup enthusiast. This collection is designed to simplify your beauty regimen, allowing you to concentrate on the artistry of your makeup without the hassle of choosing from too many tools. The trio set comes with a spacious cylindrical case that opens upright, providing effortless access to the brushes. This practical feature ensures that your makeup routine is as organised as possible with a simple flip of the lid.

The 13LY Collection will be shipped separately from regular 13rushes products. 


About the Brushes

Do It All:

  • Embrace the multipurpose genius of The Do It All Brush, an angled brush adept at all face makeup. A remake of our most iconic brush.
  • Suggested use: Perfect for blending base makeup, contouring, highlighting, adding blush, and setting your makeup with ease.

The Round:

  • The Round Brush, with its compact, fluffy, dome-shaped head, excels in the application of all face makeup. It's the brush of choice for a targeted blush, precise contour, and delicately placed highlight.
  • Suggested use: Ideal for targeted makeup application, including blending, contouring, highlighting, and setting.

The Fluff:

  • Dive into the world of seamless blending with The Fluff Brush, your ultimate partner for blending anything and creating the perfect gradient.
  • Suggested use: Best for eyeshadow blending, setting under-eye makeup, nose contouring, and highlighting.


  • Define and detail with The Point Brush, a dual-action marvel that delicately places color while offering the flexibility to blend and smudge.
  • Suggested use:  Excellent for smudging eyeshadow, spot concealing, and blending lip color.


  • Achieve crisp lines and sculpted definition with The Sword Brush, the definitive tool for brows, liner precision, and sharp lip contours.
  • Suggested use: Use it to conceal under eyes, define lips, line eyes, and fill in brows with precision

Designed to work effortlessly with creams, liquids, and powders, these brushes are constructed with the finest cruelty-free synthetic bristles.

Triple the Simplicity, Triple the Creativity:

The simplification of your toolkit to just 5 types of brushes cuts thinking time, helping you focus on the makeup application process. Owning three sets ensures you always have the right tool at hand, whether you’re at home, on the go, or sharing the art of makeup with others. 

Uninterrupted Artistry Times Three:

Transition smoothly between makeup textures and techniques without interruption. Their compatibility with all makeup forms ensures a comprehensive look is always within reach.  Having multiple sets means you can dedicate one for creams, another for powders, and keep one set pristine for those special occasions, all without missing a beat.

The Genius of Multiples - Always Prepared:

Whether it's a sudden makeup requirement or a planned look, having several sets ensures you're perpetually prepared. Wash one set, and you've still got others completely dry and ready for action. This is especially handy for makeup artists who need a fresh set for each client or for those passionate about makeup who never want to compromise on their look.

Complimentary Pouch for Set of Three:

This case features a cylindrical, upright design. The top opens to reveal your brushes arranged neatly inside, so you can quickly find and select the right tool without any digging or disruption to your workflow. It’s an elegant solution that keeps your brushes visible and accessible.

Measuring 20cm in height and 14cm in diameter, this case comfortably houses your essential brushes, with additional room for your favorite makeup products.


Crafted with the modern makeup artist in mind, the 13LY Trio Set stands as your steadfast partner in the dynamic world of beauty. This set isn't just about the high-quality brushes you’ve come to expect; it's about ensuring your artistry flows uninterrupted, day in and day out

Discover the full potential of your artistry with the 13LY collection.

13LY- The Trio
13LY- The Trio Sale price$414.00

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