13rushes was founded in 2013 with a mission to create exceptional synthetic brushes that are kind to the animals. We are located in Singapore, a sunny island in South East Asia.  

As Singapore's leading cosmetic brush brand, we craft a fine selection of cruelty-free brushes at affordable prices.

We have changed and evolved through the years, but our passion has always remained the same.

We continue to craft all our brushes by hand and in small batches to bring you the best possible application experience. Through innovation, 13rushes sets out to prove that animal-friendly products can outperform natural hair brushes in both cost and performance.


Our story: A PETA video on how fur and animal byproducts were made inspired us to create 13rushes. Back then, there was a lack of selections in the market and whatever was left was simply not up to par. Hence, 13rushes was born with one aim in mind: to prove that leading a cruelty-free lifestyle is feasible. One does not have to sacrifice quality to be kind to the animals that share this planet with us  

Sustainable and animal-friendly: 13rushes takes a firm stance against animal cruelty in fur farms. Consistent with all 13rushes products, hypoallergenic textured synthetic bristles are used. These bristles perform brilliantly with powders, creams and liquids.

Striving also to making beauty sustainable, we've worked closely with manufacturing partners to minimize resource wastage during production. Additionally, sustainable materials such as aluminum (highly recyclable) were chosen to reduce our ecological footprints.

Designed in Singapore: 13rushes takes full responsibility in establishing the functionalities of each brush. This involves designing the look of the brush, choosing the type of hair used and making sure these designs work for our end users. Our brushes are further hand trimmed (in-house and in Singapore) so that each brush feels absolutely-amazingly-brilliantly soft on your face.

Apart from being stunningly soft, our synthetic brushes have been re-designed for maximum powder performance. 13rushes’ design is bleeding edge; our brushes incorporate the latest in material technology. our latest development, dryklon, a quick-drying and mold-resistant fibre, is a result of a year of intensive experimentation and research at the 13rushes labs. So with our brushes, you can be sure that all of them work well with liquids, creams and powders.

Meticulously handcrafted: From start to finish, each powder brush undergoes 12 production stages by 26 craftsmen. Unlike machine-cut brushes, every bristle filament in our powder brush is trimmed at only at its ends. This leaves the bristle tips untouched for unmatched softness. 

Our proprietary bristles: We've reviewed over 80 different types of synthetic bristles before creating our signature proprietary bristles. Our bristles mimics the movements of animals hairs to offer a flawless lightweight powder finish that works just right even in Singapore's humid weather.