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Our Ethical Journey Begins

Where Beauty Meets Compassion

Dive into the journey of 13rushes, where our passion for ethical beauty transforms the makeup experience. Discover our story, our mission, and the artistry behind our brushes

13rushes: A Decade of Compassionate Beauty

Tracing Our Ethical Footsteps

Embark on a retrospective journey with us as we revisit the milestones that have shaped 13rushes.

From our humble beginnings at NTU in 2013, fueled by a dream to create cruelty-free beauty tools, to becoming Singapore's leading synthetic brush brand, every step has been guided by our unwavering commitment to animals and the planet.

We invite you to explore our timeline, celebrating the innovations and partnerships that have defined our mission to bring kindness to the world of beauty

The Birth of 13rushes


A Vision for Compassionate Beauty:

In the spirited corridors of NTU, 13rushes was founded with the ambition to craft ethical beauty tools that honor our furry friends. Our journey started with a single brush and a big dream to make the beauty world kinder

Expanding Our Artistry


The Evolution of Design: 60 Brushes Strong:

After two years of listening, learning, and innovating based on consumer insights, our collection blossomed from the original 13 to a diverse array of 60 brush designs. Each one crafted to meet the nuanced needs of beauty enthusiasts everywhere

Educational Impact and Global Reach


Empowering Aspiring Artists and Women:

13rushes expanded its global reach by supplying makeup academies in Dubai, Indonesia, and Taiwan, becoming integral educational tools for aspiring artists in 38 countries. Simultaneously, we sponsored Miss Singapore International in a competition held in Japan, in collaboration with the Singapore Women's Association, highlighting our commitment to empowering women and the beauty industry

Award winning Creations


Universal Do It All Face Brush with Larry Yeo:

Collaborated with renowned makeup artist Larry Yeo to create the Universal Do It All Face Brush. Notably, 13rushes received the prestigious Her World Beauty Award for Best Makeup Brush, recognizing our excellent brush design

Embracing Sustainability and Artistry


13rushes x Gudetama, Sustainable Solutions & Artistic Evolution:

We took a multifaceted approach, partnering with Gudetama for a touch of whimsy while nurturing sustainability through the introduction of an eco-friendly brush soap. This soap was a fusion of student innovation and traditional craftsmanship from Cu Chi Village. Concurrently, our founder, Yuhui, embarked on an artistic journey, infusing her personal artistry into the essence of 13rushes, expanding our vision and expertise

Empowering Collaboration with Her World


Her World x 13rushes: The Conscious Kit:

13rushes partnered with Her World to create 'The Conscious Kit,' a five-piece brush set promoting ethical beauty. Proceeds supported Dress for Success® Singapore, empowering women's economic independence and professional growth.

Educational Endeavors and Bridal Beauty


Empowering Through Education & Bridal Artistry:

Launching the 13rushes makeup services arm, we began offering brush education and bridal makeup, growing our team of professional artists to spread beauty with expertise and care

Setting New Standards with 13LY Series


Artistry Meets Practicality:

The 13LY series emerged, a synergy of Larry Yeo’s artistry and our decade of brush mastery, setting new standards for makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Professional MUA & Founder 13rushes

Hi, Im yuhui (:

Welcome to our corner of beauty and compassion. As the founder of 13rushes and a professional makeup artist, I've dedicated my career to creating beauty tools that are not just exceptional in performance but also kind to our furry friends. Each brush we design is a blend of my love for artistry and a deep commitment to animal welfare. From the vibrant city of Singapore, I've nurtured 13rushes from a dream into a leading brand that stands for sustainable, ethical beauty. Join us in this journey, and let's celebrate the power of compassionate beauty together.

About us

13rushes was founded in 2013 with a mission to create exceptional synthetic brushes that are kind to the animals. We are located in Singapore, a sunny island in South East Asia.  


Our Story: From Compassion to Creation

In the vibrant halls of university life in NTU, amidst the fervor of youth and dreams, 13rushes was born. Founded in 2013 by a spirited student with a heart for animals and a vision for change, our journey began not just in the pursuit of entrepreneurial success but as a mission to redefine beauty standards.

From a young age, I felt a deep-seated compulsion to advocate for those without a voice. My childhood was marked by bringing stray animals home, a testament to a lifelong commitment to animal welfare. This passion only grew, leading me to challenge the norms and initiate conversations about animal rights and veganism even during my days at ACJC Junior College, from organizing week-long vegan campaigns to urging peers to confront the realities of the fur industry through documentaries like "Meet Your Meat." 

A PETA video on how fur and animal byproducts were made compelled me to deep-dive into the realities behind the fur industry. Back then, there was a lack of selections in the market and whatever was left was simply not up to par.


The Spark of Change

The inception of 13rushes was a natural progression of this advocacy. I saw an opportunity to challenge and change the beauty industry from within.

Discovering the reliance on animal hair in makeup brushes was a turning point for me. It sparked a resolve to find a better way, to create something that upheld the values of beauty without cruelty. Thus, 13rushes was conceived — a brand dedicated to crafting high-quality synthetic brushes that honored my commitment to animal welfare. 


The Journey and Transformation

Embarking on this venture meant challenging the status quo. I visited numerous factories, advocating for synthetic bristles' viability and quality. I spent countless hours researching, traveling to factories, and convincing skeptical manufacturers that yes, people do want high-quality synthetic brushes. It wasn’t easy. Picture this young entrepreneur walking into room after room of seasoned factory owners, trying to sell them on the idea of change. But slowly, we started making waves. 

With every factory visit, I didn't just introduce the idea of cruelty-free excellence; I sowed the seeds of an industry-wide transformation. Today, synthetic brushes are not just accepted; they are preferred, heralding a new era of ethical beauty.

Initially met with skepticism, these efforts gradually began to shift industry perspectives, demonstrating a growing demand for ethical alternatives. 


A Journey of Self-Discovery

In 2018, my path took an unexpected yet enriching turn. An 2018, an invitation from Jasmine at Autelier Academy changed everything. Initially, my intention was to witness first-hand how professionals wielded 13rushes brushes. However, this opportunity plunged me into the depths of makeup artistry, igniting a passion I never knew existed. Each brush stroke on canvas became a language I yearned to master, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and discovery. This unexpected path not only made me a makeup artist but also enriched my understanding of beauty, allowing me to bring a unique perspective to brush design and application.This experience didn't just enhance my understanding of our products; it transformed my approach to beauty, blending the roles of creator and artist.


Introducing the 13LY Series

Today, we stand at the brink of a new chapter with the launch of the 13LY series, in collaboration with Larry Yeo, a renowned Singaporean makeup artist and a cherished mentor. This collaboration is a testament to our evolution, merging professional expertise with our decade-long mission to enhance every individual's makeup experience.

The 13LY series is designed to transcend the ordinary, offering versatile, multifunctional brushes that simplify the artistry of makeup. By integrating Larry Yeo’s deep understanding of makeup application with our commitment to ethical beauty, we've crafted a collection that embodies both artistry and practicality.


Our Commitment to You

At 13rushes, our journey is fueled by innovation, compassion, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We believe in creating products that not only elevate your makeup experience but also reflect a broader commitment to ethical practices and sustainability.

We have changed and evolved through the years, but our passion has always remained the same.

We continue to craft all our brushes by hand and in small batches to bring you the best possible application experience. Through innovation, 13rushes sets out to prove that animal-friendly products can outperform natural hair brushes in both cost and performance. 


Sustainable and animal-friendly: 13rushes takes a firm stance against animal cruelty in fur farms. Consistent with all 13rushes products, hypoallergenic textured synthetic bristles are used. These bristles perform brilliantly with powders, creams and liquids.

Striving also to making beauty sustainable, we've worked closely with manufacturing partners to minimize resource wastage during production. Additionally, sustainable materials such as aluminum (highly recyclable) were chosen to reduce our ecological footprints.


Designed in Singapore: 13rushes takes full responsibility in establishing the functionalities of each brush. This involves designing the look of the brush, choosing the type of hair used and making sure these designs work for our end users. Our brushes are further hand trimmed (in-house and in Singapore) so that each brush feels absolutely-amazingly-brilliantly soft on your face.

Apart from being stunningly soft, our synthetic brushes have been re-designed for maximum powder performance. 13rushes’ design is bleeding edge; our brushes incorporate the latest in material technology. our latest development, dryklon, a quick-drying and mold-resistant fibre, is a result of a year of intensive experimentation and research at the 13rushes labs. So with our brushes, you can be sure that all of them work well with liquids, creams and powders.


Meticulously handcrafted: From start to finish, each powder brush undergoes 12 production stages by 26 craftsmen. Unlike machine-cut brushes, every bristle filament in our powder brush is trimmed at only at its ends. This leaves the bristle tips untouched for unmatched softness. 


Our proprietary bristles: We've reviewed over 80 different types of synthetic bristles before creating our signature proprietary bristles. Our bristles mimics the movements of animals hairs to offer a flawless lightweight powder finish that works just right even in Singapore's humid weather.