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Article: 13LY: where simplicity meets creative freedom

13LY: where simplicity meets creative freedom

The 13LY series invites you to embrace a more intuitive approach to beauty. It’s about decluttering your routine and focusing on tools that truly resonate with your needs. 

Our philosophy

In collaboration beauty educator, Larry Yeo and the passionate team at 13rushes, we present the 13LY Collection - a range of brushes designed to redefine your makeup experience. We understand that navigating the vast world of makeup tools can be overwhelming, often standing as a barrier to the true art of makeup application. Our goal with the 13LY Collection is to dissolve these complexities.

The tools
Developed alongside Larry Yeo, we've streamlined your makeup toolkit to just five key brushes. Each brush has been designed to perform multiple functions, effectively covering every aspect of your makeup routine from start to finish

Picture a makeup routine where each brush in your hand is a multi-tasker, tailored to your needs. This is the heart of the 13LY series – providing you with versatile, high-performing brushes that make every application smoother and every look achievable with ease. 

Simplicity in design

We understand that navigating an array of specialized makeup brushes can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve focused on crafting key brushes that you’ll find indispensable. Each 13LY brush is a multi-functional powerhouse, reducing the need for rarely used, specialty shapes.

This approach not only declutters your makeup bag but also sharpens your focus on the artistry of makeup rather than the confusion of choice.

Seamless flow in application:

The rhythm of your beauty routine is a personal symohony. That's why we advocate having multiple quantities of the same brush - it's not just about versatility, it's about continuity in your makeup application.

With several of the same brushes at your disposal, you no longer have to pause your routine waiting for a brush to dry after cleaning. Whether you're transitioning from creams to powders or layering different colors, having multiple brushes ensures that the right tool is always ready for you. This approach streamlines your process, letting you focus on the art of makeup without interruptions.

The 13LY Collection is designed to keep up with your creative flow. Multiple brushes mean you can seamlessly move through different makeup functions, maintaining the integrity of your products and the quality of your application. This is beauty without boundaries, where your creativity is never on hold.

We understand the diverse requirements of different makeup mediums. While our brushes are crafted to be multi-functional, we recommend considering multiples for optimal use with various product types. It's essential to use separate brushes for cream and powder products to avoid mixing textures, which can lead to a clumping of bristles. Having dedicated brushes for each type of product ensures flawless application and helps maintain the quality of your brushes.  

Focus on the art, we'll handle the craft 

With the 13LY Collection, we want to shift the focus back to the joy and artistry of makeup. Let the technicalities of brush making be our concern; your role is to explore, create, and enjoy. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beauty enthusiast, these brushes are designed to enhance your routine, making it more intuitive, more enjoyable, and less cluttered.

Trust in our expertise to provide you with the perfect tools; your role is to simply revel in the art of beauty

Experience the Expertise: Larry Yeo & 13rushes in Harmony

We’ve united Larry Yeo’s deep understanding of a makeup artist’s rhythm with 13rushes’ decade-long experience in addressing the daily needs of makeup enthusiasts. This collaboration brings together the artistry of professional makeup and the practicalities of everyday beauty routines.

Artistry Meets Practicality: Larry Yeo’s expertise as a working makeup artist reflects the fluidity required in a professional setting, ensuring that each brush in the 13LY Collection enhances the workflow of artists. Thse brushes' design are not only efficient but also intuitively aligns with the creative process of makeup application.

Understanding Daily Needs: Our team at 13rushes, with over a decade of experience in the brush industry, brings invaluable insights into the everyday challenges faced by makeup users. This knowledge has shaped the 13LY Collection to address common pain points, such as the need for versatility, ease of use, and simplicity in makeup tools.

Bridging Two Worlds: The 13LY Collection stands at the intersection of professional artistry and daily makeup needs. Larry Yeo’s understanding of an artist’s rhythm ensures the collection meets the standards of professionals, while 13rushes’ consumer insights guarantee that these brushes resonate with everyday users.

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