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Article: Review: A dewy skin dream with Cover FX's Enhancer and Glitter drops

Review: A dewy skin dream with Cover FX's Enhancer and Glitter drops

Review: A dewy skin dream with Cover FX's Enhancer and Glitter drops

It's never been easier to embrace a cruelty-free beauty routine than now. Hundreds of cruelty-free and vegan beauty brands have sprung up over the past 10 years, adopting ethical practices and working towards the common goal of living compassionately.

One of our favorite cruelty-free brand has to be Cover FX. We love how committed they are to creating high-quality products made from good-for-you ingredients for a global audience.

Today we'll be reviewing Cover FX's Glitter and Enhancer drops, putting our brushes to the test with this cult favorite.

These drops have been around for at least 3 years, but still loved by many beauty gurus for obvious reasons.

The Cover FX Glam & Glow Liquid Lights Set and Glam & Glow on the Go Set were such amazing deals during the last Sephora sale that we couldn't resist getting one of these minis for ourselves.. We're happy to use this as an excuse to test out our brushes with these highly raved liquid luminizers. 

What are glitter drops and what's the hype?

Glitter drops are basically ultra-concentrated drops of liquid glitter that you can use anywhere on your skin. You can layer it over your eyeshadow, blend it over the high points of your cheeks... basically add it anywhere you would like to have extra bling! The payoff is super glossy and very very high impact. These hyper pigmented drops sparkled and dazzled so much, they probably can be seen from outer space.

Thoughts and first impressions:

When it first swatched it on my skin, I was surprised how smooth the formula felt. It had this thin emollient texture to it, making it super easy to blend and spread across skin. It worked pretty well over my liquid foundation and for that purpose, I used the Touch Up Artist brush. I chose a flat and dense brush because I wanted the placement of the pigments to be exact. The Touch Up Artist was also perfect for this purpose as i needed a broad brush to quickly blend this glittery liquid across my skin before it dries down. I liked how it did not lift my base when I spread and blended out the edges

Cover FX's Glitter Drop in Aurora and 13rushes' Touch Up Artist brush

Surprisingly the formula did not feel tacky after it dried down. The glitters were refined and classy. It was neither chunky nor gritty. 

The longevity of this product was put to the test when i wore it to the super hot and humid Shilin night market. I was out since 1pm and ten hours later, the glitters were still easily visible by 11pm. However, like most glitters, this product does migrate across the skin. I did end up looking like a disco ball that day, but I didn't really mind because the glitters were so fine and pretty. To be fair, the weather at the night market was extreme (36 deg celcius then thunderstorm then crazy humid). I suppose this migration issue would not be that bad if it was used in an indoor setting.

Last but not least, I thought this was a crazy deal as iIonly needed a tiny drop of products for an entire look. Don't worry about it being a mini bottle, you are definitely getting your money's worth!

What are Enhancer drops then?

Enhancer drops are basically liquid luminizers which are so versatile, anyone can use them anywhere. Unlike the glitter drops which contain pure glitters, the enhancer drops have a "base color" to them. These have a strong sheen but very fine shimmer, so it produces more of a pearly, glowing effect on the skin–lightly dewy with moderate shine and some noticeable shimmer. They are more shimmers than glitters, and glowed instead of sparkled. These customizable drops can be used to create a buildable highlight.  Use them alone for a light reflective strobing, or add a tiny bit to your favorite liquid foundation or skincare product for an all-over pearly glow. According to Cover FX, "The more drops you use, the more luminosity you’ll get, allowing you to customize your glow". 

Thoughts and first impressions:

Unlike the glitter drops which have a sheer base color, enhancer drops offer an instant shimmery glow over my skin. It melts beautifully into the skin and gives a nice radiant touch to my makeup.

I was pleasantly surprised at how versatile these enhancer drops are. They really do perform well with any liquid or cream products that i've mixed in while also working under and over makeup.

The key reason why this product stood out from many other liquid shimmers was how buildable it was. You could easily go from sheer to opaque with its thin consistency. Although this incredibly pigmented product might appear tough to work with, it "flowed" nicely as soon as i work it across the skin to create a nice sheer shimmer veil.

Because I require a little bit more precision for my highlighting, I chose the small sized Illuminating blush as its dense enough to blend out most creams and liquids yet fluffy enough to give an airy well-blended finish. Using the Tapered ends of the Illuminating blush brush, I added subtle highlights on my cheeks, chin and forehead. I also mixed a drop of the Custom Enhancer Drop in Rose Gold to my liquid blusher, and proceeded to use the flat side of the Illuminating blush to blend the rosy mixture on my cheeks. Was super pleased with the instant radiant effect!

As with longevity, this formula dries down within 10 seconds of blending out the product. It doesn't transfer or lift after it dries so we really gotta blend quick! There were minimal fading, with the luminous sheen noticeable throughout the day.

Product swatches

Straight out of the glass dropper, the colors looked intense and pigmented. I merely touched the dropper against my skin to get this level of intensity (which is insane), I did not even squeeze the dropper. You could tell though, that Aurora and Mirage had a sheer oily base colour with bits of glitter. While the rest had a stronger base colour with pearly shimmers.

After a bit of blending with my fingers, we can see the formula sheering out a little (but still crazy pigmented)

All in all, these drops are so much fun and I would definitely recommend them for an extra sparkle to your makeup look.

In Singapore's sunny humid weather, finding a liquid highlighter that stays radiant from the morning into the night without fading is a near miracle. Cover FX brought me the solution I had been waiting for.

A word of caution though, I would advise against mixing more than a drop of Enhancer Drop or Glitter drop into your foundation. Once, I mixed two full drops with my liquid foundation and it made me look like an ice princess. Although, hey, if sparkly ice princess is your goal, go for it.

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