Intro To The 2019 Classic Blush + The Evolution Of Our Best-Selling Blush Brush

Since 2013, 13rushes have grown tremendously throughout the years. We've always been trying our very best to improve our brush quality and function based on your feedback. To celebrate the relaunch of our Classic Blush, let's take a walk down memory lane and talk about the evolution of our best selling blush brush.


Did you know that our Classic Blush was formerly known as the Oval Blush? I believe some of you might still be using it till this day. It's interesting to see how much we have changed and grown from the first generation of blush brushes. As compared to our newer Classic Blush brush, the Oval Blush is less fluffy and comes in a longer handle.

The application of blush became more and more an essential step for many Singapore women. Hence, it was time to revamp our Oval Blush. In 2017, we launched the first Classic Blush. While designing this new blush brush, we took time to understand our customers' feedbacks. We shortened the handle to create more ease and balance when using it to apply the blush. As many of our customers are working women who are always on-the-go, the shorter handle makes this brush a lot more travel-friendly. It fits easily into smaller pouches for midday touch-ups. We improved the bristle technology to make it softer and fluffier which helps to pick up powders better and create a diffused, natural blush application at the same time. It was undoubtedly a vast improvement from our first brush.

New 2019 Classic Blush

Now here comes the 2019 Classic Blush. As you know, our Classic Blush was sold out for quite some time, but now we're ready to unveil the new 2019 Classic Blush. We've slightly increased the side of the brush head as we have received feedback that it's a little too tiny. Now, it's almost the perfect size! As the size of the head increases, so have the fluffiness of it. It's softer and fluffier than our older model. We’ve also switched the handle to a tapered one to match our other newer brushes. It's just slightly longer than the 2017 version, but the tapered shape saves a lot more space when packing brushes into a makeup pouch.

Close up of the new 13rushes Classic Blush

As always, our Classic Blush is best with powder products. You can use it as the name states, for applying blusher or you can also highlight and set your makeup.

For the entire month of May 2019, we would like to feature our new 2019 Classic Blush as the brush of the month. Here's a 13% discount code which you can use to get our new Classic Blush. Code: 2019CLASSICBLUSH

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