Make-up Brushes that will help you say good bye to your dark eye circles.

Late night from overtime work or partying? Here's a guide to help you pick the right concealer brush to hide those 'panda' eyes.

1. Paddle Concealer, SGD16

13rushes Paddle Concealer
For the modern classic babe.

The Paddle Concealer is a classic concealer brush but made to be a tiny bit fluffier, so it's much easier to blend our edges. The rounded shape makes it perfect for reaching under the eyes and around the nose. This type of concealer brush will help you achieve a medium to high coverage and the most precise application, but it takes a bit more time to blend things out. Watch how Singapore's top make-up artist, Larry Yeo, use the Paddle Concealer to hide those panda eyes.

2. Undereye Corrector, SGD15

Undereye Corrector

Are you always doing your makeup on-the-go? Then this is for you.

The Undereye Corrector is the mini-me version of our best-selling, Angled Flat Concealer. It's modelled to make blending quick and easy. The angled bristle arrangement blends areas around the face that are hard to reach like under the eyes and around the nose. This brush is so fool-proof and easy to use that you'll never have to worry about streaks even if you're on a moving bus. With a shorter handle, you can easily pop this one into your bag, and it'll always be with you wherever you go.


3. Tapered Concealer, SGD16

Tapered Concealer

Beginner? This brush will blend no matter what level you are at with your makeup skills.

The Tapered Concealer mimics your fingertips and prevents tugging at the undereye area during concealer application. Use it to pat down concealer under the eyes and blend concealer seamlessly onto targeted areas of the skin. It's kind of like an eyeshadow blending brush, but we've engineered the bristle arrangement to work with creamy concealer textures.

Now that's how to say goodbye to those pesky 'panda' eyes.

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