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The 13ly kit

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Presenting the 13LY kit, a thoughtfully curated collection co-created with Larry Yeo. This kit is designed to declutter your beauty process so you can focus on creating, not overthinking. Easily complete your entire makeup routine with just these 5 highly versatile brushes.

About the brushes:
Do It All:

  • Embrace the multipurpose genius of The Do It All Brush, an angled brush adept at all face makeup. A remake of our most iconic brush.
  • Suggested use: blending base makeup, contouring, highlighting, blushing and setting makeup

The Round:

  • The Round Brush, with its compact, fluffy, dome-shaped head, excels in the application of all face makeup. It's the brush of choice for a targeted blush, precise contour, and delicately placed highlight.
  • Suggested use: blending base makeup, contouring, highlighting, blushing and setting makeup

The Fluff:

  • Dive into the world of seamless blending with The Fluff Brush, your ultimate partner for blending anything and creating the perfect gradient.
  • Suggested use: blending eyeshadow, setting makeup at the undereyes, nose contouring and highlighting


  • Define and detail with The Point Brush, a dual-action marvel that delicately places color while offering the flexibility to blend and smudge.
  • Suggested use: smudging eyeshadow, spot concealing, soft lip blending


  • Achieve crisp lines and sculpted definition with The Sword Brush, the definitive tool for brows, liner precision, and sharp lip contours.
  • Suggested use: Concealing undereyes, defines lips, lining the eyes, filling in brows

Designed to work effortlessly with creams, liquids, and powders, these brushes are constructed with the finest cruelty-free synthetic bristles.

Minimizing Complexity, Maximizing Creativity:
Each brush in this set has been meticulously crafted to serve multiple purposes, significantly reducing the need for an extensive array of tools. This simplification allows you to focus on the artistic aspect of your makeup application, enjoying the process without the overwhelm of choice.

Uninterrupted Artistry:
With these brushes, you can transition smoothly between different makeup textures and techniques. Their compatibility with creams, liquids, and powders ensures you can complete a full makeup look without pausing to switch tools or clean brushes mid-application.

Complimentary Pouch for Convenience:
The set is accompanied by a zip pouch, making it easy to keep these essential tools organized and accessible, whether at home or on the move.

The 13LY Essential Brush Set is more than just a collection of makeup tools; it's a pathway to a more streamlined, focused, and enjoyable makeup experience. Embrace this set to enhance your routine, where simplicity meets artistic freedom, and every stroke contributes to a beautifully uncomplicated beauty journey.
Learn more about the 13ly collection here.

The 13ly kit
The 13ly kit Sale price$138.00

The 13ly collection

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