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Article: Urban Decay Naked Heat- Swatches and video tutorial for Asian eyes

Urban Decay Naked Heat- Swatches and video tutorial for Asian eyes

Urban Decay Naked Heat- Swatches and video tutorial for Asian eyes

The Naked Heat palette is literally fiery hot. With 12 rusty red and spicy copper tone, it might be a little daunting if you're a beginner to eye makeup and have always stuck to the safer brown shades...but don't worry we've got you covered.

Larry Yeo, one of Singapore’s most prolific makeup artists shows us exactly how to rock these burnt shadows. Click on the following informative video tutorial to master the look.


We've used 6 eyeshadow brushes ($16 each) in this video tutorial. 

  1. Angled Flat Concealer
  2. Pencil brush
  3. Short Shader
  4. Petite Shadow
  5. Classic Shadow 
  6. Angled Shadow

13rushes eyeshadow brushes naked heat palette 

Let's break the steps down.

Step 1: Gel Liner + Short Shader

Use the firm and dense Short Shader to smudge the gel liner on both the upper and lower lash line. The black tones help to quickly define the amber hues.

Step 2: En Fuego + Angled Shadow

13rushes angled shadow naked palette

Next, choose a fluffy brush such as the Angled Shadow to blend En Fuego onto the eyes. En Fuego is a fiery plum shade and we love how this color compliments warmer Asian skintones.

En Fuego naked heat 13rushes

Step 3: Lumbre + Classic Shadow

Use the Classic Shadow, a flat crescent shaped eyeshadow brush specially designed for smaller Asian eyes, to pack on Lumbre onto the inner half of the lid. Lumbre is a metallic rose gold shadow and definitely one of our top favorites.

Step 4: Ashes + Pencil brush

13rushes naked heat ashes

Define the eyes with a dark matte color. We chose the Pencil brush to be used with Ashes because of how precise this brush is. For a controlled application in the creases and lash lines, opt for a small tapered brush to apply the shadows exactly where you want it to go. This helps to prevent the makeup from looking muddy.

For this look, we applied Ashes to the outer corners of the eyes and also to the outer third of the lower lash line.

This new and improved version of our pencil brush is the latest addition to our collection. We've improved the bristles' holding power with powders. This means that with the new brush, you can expect better color-payoff and a more pigmented finish in a single swipe. Definitely a must-have for everyone (beginners, makeup artists, makeup junkies) <3 Super versatile, super user-friendly and super value-for-money with our current deal for this brush!

Our pencil brush promotion is valid till 30 July, 11.59pm. Key in "MYKINDOFPENCIL" for a 20% off our new pencil brush upon checkout. 

Step 5: Sauced + Angled Flat Concealer 


What?! The Angled Flat Concealer as the eyeshadow brush?! Yep, that's right! Our Angled Flat Concealer is not only great for blending concealers under the eyes, but also amazing as a blending brush to pull the whole look together. Using Sauced, we pulled the whole look together and softened the look with the Fluffy Angled Flat Concealer brush.

13rushes naked heat sauced angled flat concealer

Thank you for watching! Hope you've as much fun watching the tutorial as we have put the video together for you!


Till our next Trend Lookbook! Stay tuned!

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