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Article: 13rushes's proprietary synthetic bristles

13rushes's proprietary synthetic bristles


Thought would be nice to share the properties of our synthetic fibers so that we can care for our brushes better!

General overview:

  • Our bristles belong to the polyester family and is 100% synthetic
  • Under a microscope, you'll see that the surface of each fibre has been slightly roughened. This property allows the brush to pick up and grab hold to powders similar to the way animal hairs interact with powder based products.
  • So it's no longer true that you can only use synthetic brushes with creams or liquids!

Thermal stability:

  • Our synthetic bristles have thermal stability at temperatures up to 130°C to 140°C. So, please avoid direct heat! We do not recommend drying your brushes using hairdryers. (Funny story: once we received a customer email about microwaves and melted bristles...)
  • At temperatures above 60°C hydrolysis begins and our bristles starts to become breakable. So if you ever need to "reshape" a brush that has gone out of shape, you can reshape it by briefly dipping it into water heated to approx 60°C - 70°C. A little like straightening your hair with heat!
  • Our fibers are resistant to temperatures up to 120°C to 130°C for long periods of time, and a temperature of 180°C is permissible briefly.

Moisture absorption:

  • Relative to conventional nylon brushes and animal hair brushes, our bristles have been tested to display exceptionally low moisture absorption, i.e. 0.25% at 23°C/50% RH and 0.5% when saturated in water at 23°C.
  • This property reduces wastage in foundation application and helps the brush dries faster

Resistance to solvents:

  • Our bristles are resistant to most solvents, including oils, greases and halogenated and aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • However, do note that polyesters are generally weak against strong acids, alkaline substances and hot water. 
  • In particular, we do not recommend cleaning our brushes with the Daiso Sponge and Brush cleanser. There has been several feedback w.r.t the Daiso Cleanser melting our bristles.

Resistance to UV radiation:

  • While our bristles are generally UV stable, prolonged exposure to direct sunlights outdoors may lead to mechanical degradation (brittleness and discoloration)
  • Best to avoid leaving the brushes out in the sun for a few hours!

Fun fact:

Our bristles can conduct electricity pretty well! Lol.

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