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Article: Comparison between I Need a Vaincation and Brea’s Adventures: In the Rainforest

Comparison between I Need a Vaincation and Brea’s Adventures: In the Rainforest

Comparison between I Need a Vaincation and Brea’s Adventures: In the Rainforest

Every year, we design and launch a new travel kit and this year we did something special. Let us introduce you to the new tiffany mint travel kit, Brea’s Adventures: In the Rainforest!

Brea’s Adventures: In the Rainforest is a revamp on the beloved tiffany mint travel kit, I Need a Vaincation, that was released in 2013. Putting together all the feedback and suggestions that we have received from you, we designed a brand new kit with amazing new features. It has been a really fun journey for us designing Brea’s Adventures. Apart from being a great travel companion, we hope this new kit can bring forth the awareness that beauty without cruelty can be simple, fun and undemanding. Apart from the excitement from our fans, we also get a lot of questions on the differences between Brea’s Adventures: In the Rainforest (2016) and I Need a Vaincation (2013) so here’s our take between both travel kits.


The Travel Pouch

Stain-proof material

Let’s start with the travel pouch. With great response from our older travel pouch, we have decided to retain the color scheme and improve the material and quality instead. We understand that the concerns of having a white exterior for a makeup pouch, but do not fear! Brea’s Adventures’ new pouch is made of a stain-proof crosshatched pleather for a more luxurious look. Just use a bit of makeup remover to remove any mascaras or eyeliner stains.

Apart from the material, we have also updated our logo and had it hot-stamped in gold on the cover with a gold zipper to accompany it. Looking into the interior of the pouch, we have retained a mint color but swapped out the material to the same crosshatched pleather as the exterior.

Made to measure slots

In the older pouch, we had 8 elastic bands to hold the brushes. Now, with 11 brushes, we designed made-to-measure slots to hold the brushes in place (and in style) while you travel.

Compact and space-saving brush pouch

For those who are wondering, “why are the brushes not arranged according to their sizes?”

This was because we wanted to make the kit as compact as we can. Despite the addition of 3 brushes, the new travel kit is still almost the same size as the previous kit. So you get more brushes with less space.

The Brushes

Now let’s look at the most important part of the kit- the brushes. Expect to find these quality improvements in the new brushes: Softer than ever bristles, quicker drying time, improved performance with powders and anti-bacterial bristles.
As you might already know, Brea’s Adventures: In the Rainforest features 11 brushes while I Need a Vaincation had 8 brushes.

Three main reasons why we decided to add 3 more brushes to the kit this year:

1) A comprehensive brush kit for a worry-free travel
Because we understand the pain of having to wash and wait for your brushes to dry while traveling, it is crucial to have a few backup brushes allow you to switch between blusher colours or eyeshadow colours through your travels. In this kit, you’ll find multifunctional tools. The following are some examples of the multi-purpose brushes in our new kit:

Three tools for blusher:

  1. Cheeky Shader: Contour and blusher
  2. Glow Getter: Highlight and blusher
  3. Powder Puffer: Loose Powder and blusher
    Two brushes for applying a base colour all over the eyes
    1. Undereye corrector: Eyeshadow (base color) and concealer (under-eyes)
    2. Eye opener: Eyeshadow (base color) or eyeshadow (crease area)
      Also, we’ve created two undereye concealing brushes
      1. Undereye corrector: Concealer (under-eyes) and eyeshadow (base color)
      2. Crème Sculptor: Concealer (under-eyes) or cream contouring along jawlines or cheekbones 

        2) Specialized tools for advanced Makeup Techniques:

        Apart from the convenience of not having to wash your brushes through your travels, we realized that the older kit lacked specialized tools for more advanced makeup techniques such as contouring, highlighting. (Who says we shouldn't contour and highlight while travelling?!?) As such, we’ve re-evaluated our selections and added specialized tools for cream contouring and highlight, powder contouring and powder highlight.

        3) Greater versatility with all types of makeup:

        Lastly, the brushes in I Need a Vaincation were made more suitable for cream or liquid based face makeup and gave a full coverage finishing. This time round, we made sure to include a variety of dense and fluffy brushes for improved performance all makeup textures.


        Improvements to existing brushes

        Foundation brush

        Every girl needs a foundation brush and no one wants a streaky application. In the older kit, we introduced a stippling brush that is great for getting that gorgeous sheer finishing. However, we realize that if you are not familiar with using a stippling brush, you can end up looking streaky. So we decided to bring in one of our best seller foundation brushes, the Flat Top Foundation and gave it a new look to create Base Buffer!

        Unlike the stippling brush, Base Buffer is easier to work with and goes well with liquid foundations, BB and CC creams and even BB cushions. This brush smooths on foundation really well and will give you a higher coverage. It’ll certainly leave you walking out the door with a flawless face.

        Powder brushEven though both the Deluxe Powder Brush and the Cheeky Shader looks very similar, we have made improvements to the bristle density, shape and the size. The Cheeky Shader is now softer, fluffier and smaller for a well-blended look. The improvement in bristle density also allows for a better performance with powder based makeup. Use the Cheeky Shader for a seamless contour line to sculpt your face. On top of that, if you can get a soft healthy pink flush by using the flat side of the brush.

        Cheek brush

        Now here’s one with a big difference, the Deluxe Angled Cheek Brush is dense and firm which is great for a super quick application. For the new kit, we decided to introduce a mini version of it called Crème Sculptor, which is targeted to help you apply sharp shadows and highlight precisely. 


        Eye brushes

        You’ve got to have some eyeshadow brushes with you at all times. You never know when you’ll need to glam it up. So like the older kit, we’ve included a couple of eyeshadow brushes into the new one.

        First of all, let’s look at the differences between All-Over Shader from the older kit versus Eye Opener from the new kit. Both brushes have been designed to help you pat on colors all over your lid. The Eye Opener is now smaller so fits nicely on top of your lid and you can get a more precise eyeshadow application.

        We’ve also downsized the Angled Shader so that the Crease Definer can fit nicely into the creases to help you contour those eyes. It is particularly great for those who have monolids.Blending is key so we made sure that we had a blending brush in both kits. In our old kit, we had the Crease Brush which is much firmer to really work those eyeshadows into the crease. In the new kit, we decided to bring in an all-time favorite blending brush, the Fluffy Blender. The Fluffy Blender is much softer to gently diffuse colors, creating a nice gradient. Say goodbye to any harsh lines!

        Mini detail brush

        Sometimes you need a tiny help when it comes to those trouble spots. In the old kit, we had the Detailer which is more of a flat brush with a curve tip. It’s great for applying lipstick and concealing problem areas but with a shape like this, it might not be easy for some to blend out their concealer. Which is why we are introducing Blemish Buster in the newer kit. Blemish Buster is rounder and more on the fluffier side. Just dab a bit of concealer and use Blemish Buster to blend the concealer to your skin. 

        Perhaps one of the most underrated brushes in this kit, this brush has been a life savior for many of our trips. Apart from being a fantastic concealer brush, we also find ourselves using this brush to:

        - Apply eyeshadow colour to the lash line

        - Apply highlighting shade to the corner of the eyes

        - Highlight the Cupid’s Bow

        - Intensify eyeshadow colors at the corners of the eye.

        New Additions

        As you know, we’ve made this travel kit bigger and better so we added on some new brushes to help you with your makeup routine on-the-go.

        Loose Powder

        First of all, we've added a new loose powder brush. You can use Powder Puffer for loose powders, pressed powders or blushers. Just simply dust on some powder and you’re ready to go.

        Highlighting brush

        Sometimes you’ve used up one brush for contouring, another one for blush and you need just one more brush for highlight. Well, this kit includes Glow Getter which is a fluffy highlight brush for that soft focus glow. You could also use this for setting your concealer under the eye or for applying blush.

        Undereye ConcealerSpeaking of concealer, we included a modified version of our favorite Angled Flat Concealer. The Undereye Corrector is made fluffier to help you with easier blending under the eye. This brush will hide dark circles and fake a good night’s sleep. 

        Lip Perfector

        The last brush that we have decided to include is a lip brush. Applying lipstick directly won’t give you that sharp look. You need a firm, straight-bristle lip brush to help you define the cupid’s bow and the corners of your lips. To get a clean sharp look, add a bit of foundation and use this brush to clean up the edges of your lips or brows.

        So that’s all the changes we made to our beloved tiffany mint travel kit. We really appreciate all the feedbacks and support we’ve gotten from the older kit and hope that you’ll love Brea’s Adventures: In the Rainforest as much as we do. 

        Click here to get your own set of Brea’s Adventures: In the Rainforest.

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