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Generally there are two options to cleaning brushes: a quick-dry method or a more thorough wet wash

Option 1: Quick-dry spot cleaning

For a fast cleaning and instant sanitization, use an alcohol-based product like the Wonder Gel ($9). Beyond killing germs and bacteria, the alcohol evaporates quickly to give you clean and dry brushes ready for the next use.

You'll need just a pea sized amount of the Wonder Gel solution to spot clean and sanitize your stained brushes. 

Work the alcohol solution into the bristles for a thorough sanitization

Option 2: Wet wash deep cleansing

For a deeper cleanse, we'd recommend the Marvel Bar ($18) for heavy duty everyday cleaning and the Miracleasner ($13) for stubborn stains. These cleansers are excellent at removing even the most stubborn lipstick stains and cream based products.

When you're actually washing your tool, let its shape guide you. Domed or round brushes can be swirled, while flatter shapes should be dragged from side to side.

Working against the shape of the brush may distort the pattern in which the bristles have been arranged.  While you may pressume that's not really a big deal, trust us — mussed or broken bristles means messy applications. Also, careless washing may lead to shedding over time.

To clean your brushes during a wet wash, try using the Mini Brush Cleansing Pad ($8.90).  A textured surface grips into the brush hairs and helps to pull out the oils and pigments.

Choosing between the Marvel Bar and the Miracleanser:

Almost like choosing between a bar soap and a liquid hand wash, choosing your favorite cleanser has a got lot to do with personal preferences. While we do not think one way of cleaning is better than the other, we thought listing down some differences between the Miracleanser and Marvel Bar would help! But trust us, you'll love both! <3

Cost effectiveness: The Marvel Bar is a more cost effective method as compared to the Miracleanser. Prior to the launch of our new cleansing series, we did a few tests on the longevity of the products. We found that the chunky bar soap lasted us a couple of months, and we've washed at least 700 brushes. The Miracleanser on the other hand, was only good for about 100 brushes.

Stain Lifting ability: While both the Marvel Bar and Miracleanser breaks down heavy creams and lipsticks with ease, we feel that the Miracleanser is a tad better at restoring discolored bristles to its original condition.

Travel Friendliness: The Marvel Bar comes in a sturdy travel case, making it easier to travel with. The Miracleanser on the other hand is stored in a plastic container with a disc top cap.... and to be honest there's always a risk of your container exploding with pressure differences in a plane! 

Fragrance: The Marvel Bar is fragrance free while the Miracleanser has a hint of fresh citrus scent

A tiny drop of Miracleanser will break up any oil that’s accumulated. In one of our earlier videos, we demonstrated the efficiency of the Miracleasner in seconds. Click here to watch.

Finally: Dry your brushes!

To dry the brush, first towel it off to remove excess water. This step is pretty important because it speeds up the drying process by A LOT.

Next you can either:

1) Lay it flat with the bristle end hanging over the sink or on a towel. This way, the excess water can drip out and won’t get trapped in the base.

2) Or use the Quick Dry Brush Stands (Mini $18.90 and Regular $27.90) to dry your brushes upside down. This is our favorite way of drying the brushes. Leave your brushes to dry overnight and your brushes will be good as new in the morning!

Never use a hair dryer to dry your brushes as the heat may melt the synthetic bristles or weaken the glue within the bristles. If you really have to dry the brushes quickly, always use a hair dryer with low heat setting to prevent heat damage to the bristles

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