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Article: Brush of the month- Flat Top Sculpting

Brush of the month- Flat Top Sculpting

Announcing the Brush of the Month for August! Flat Top Sculpting brush 

Use code "Sculpt10" to enjoy 10% off this brush. Expires 1st September 2016. Not valid with other discount codes.

This brush is designed for:

  • targeted foundation application
  • foolproof contouring along the cheekbones and jawline

Brush design

The Flat Top Sculpting brush features densely packed bristles in a narrow brush head.
The narrow brush head fits perfectly in the cheekbone area, and allows easy blending down the cheekbones and jawline in just a few strokes. 

Contouring- Well-defined flawless finish
The Flat Top Sculpting brush is best with all liquids and cream based products and gives a well-blended, sculpted look on the skin. 

Application is easy. First, load your brush up with an appropriate amount of products. 

Then gently swipe the brush along the temples, down the cheeks and along the jawline.

Easy peasy breezy contouring:To contour the cheekbones, start blending from the top of your ear to to the corners of your cheek. The Flat Top Sculpting brush is awesome for this purpose because it fits right under the cheekbones, making it super duper easy to get the sleek contouring line along your cheekbones.

We've done the contouring stronger than usual for the effect to show up in photos. It took us about 3 layers of building and blending to achieve the following look. The Flat Top Sculpting brush offers buildable coverage, allowing us to slowly shade layer by layer. For a more natural look, simply apply less products onto the cheeks! 

Before and after contouring:Contouring with the Flat Top Sculpting brush cuts blending time into half (as compared to blending with your fingers or with sponges). We took about 8-10 minutes to contour Glyniss's face.

Should if you prefer contouring with powders, try the Angled Blush or Ultimate Shader instead. The Flat Top Sculpting brush is less effective at blending powders as the densely packed bristles makes it tough for the brush to apply just a thin layer of powder on the skin. 


Foundation- Best with liquids and creams products

The Flat Top Sculpting brush is best with all liquids and cream based foundation and gives a flawless, HD finish to the skin.

So what so special about this brush? And how is it different from the Flat Top Foundation brush?

While both the Flat Top Foundation and Flat Top Sculpting brushes are equally dense. The Flat Top Sculpting brush has a narrower brush head. This allows you to access hard to reach areas of the face. Although the Flat Top Foundation brush blends foundation with more speed, the Flat Top Sculpting brush offers more precision, helping you can apply foundation all over the face with just one brush. 

Under-eye area: If you're someone who prefers correcting your dark circles with a thin layer of foundation, you'll likely enjoy blending with the Flat Top Sculpting as it reaches the undereye area with ease.

Sides of the nose: 


Our most popular multi-tasker for contouring and foundation.

Because of the versatility of the Flat Top Sculpting brush, it's easily one of our best selling multi-tasking brush. We've perfected the size of the sculpting brush so that it fits nicely on the contours of your face, making it one of the best contouring + foundation brushes around.

Maintaining your sculpting brush

The Flat Top Sculpting brush is densely packed with synthetic bristles and hardly ever goes out of shape.

However, as this brush will likely be dipped into creams and liquids, it is really important to keep the Flat Top Sculpting clean and free of gunk.

As the brush is densely packed, it might be a little harder to remove the heavy creams and stains with just regular soap. Instead, we recommend using the Miracleanser for hard-to-remove tough stains. 


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