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The Conscious Collection- Paddle blush

Sale price$28.00

This fluffy paddle-shaped blush brush deposits a sheer layer of pigment gently on the skin. Made with one of our softest bristles yet, you'll be surprised by how effortless blush application can be! 

If you have sensitive skin or simply love super soft brushes, this brush is perfect for you!


Use with

⇨ Powder blushers

⇨ Setting powder (targeted areas of the face)


About our Conscious Collection

Featuring lacquer-free and paint-free wooden handles, this conscious collection is our attempt at lowering the impact of our consumption for the planet. By reducing the number of components made from different materials, we hope to make our brushes a little more sustainable than before. 

Unlike our wooden handle, our synthetic fibers however do not biodegrade. To dispose of brush, we recommend removing the bristles first before composting the wooden handle. 

Despite the bristles being non-biodegradable, synthetic fibers are still a gentler option for our environment and a kinder alternative to animal hair brushes. Large amounts of resources and energy go toward factory fur farms, which then generate huge amounts of dangerous chemical waste. Also, fur farms create unnecessary sufferings for the animals.

Synthetic fibres may not be the perfect solution for our environment, but we believe it's a lesser evil as compared to animal hair brushes. Plus, the animals will thank you for your compassionate choice!

Notice a tiny squirrel engraved at the bottom of your brush handle? It's our way of saying thanks! You've helped to save a precious squirrel life by refusing to use brushes made from animals (:

Size reference

To learn more about how this brush compares with other finishing brushes in terms of its shape and size, click here!

The Conscious Collection- Paddle blush
The Conscious Collection- Paddle blush Sale price$28.00