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Base Buffer


Our most loved Flat Top Foundation brush now made travel-friendly! Get a streak-free flawless complexion within seconds... we took 38 seconds to blend a full face of foundation! 



  • Short handle for maximum portability
  • Flat top design allows for even pressure distribution
  • Densely packed brush head offers medium to full coverage
  • Soft bristles prevents skin drag, minimizing creases and streaks

Use with:  

  • Best used with liquid and cream based foundation


  • Blends foundation quickly for an instant even airbrushed finish

    More product information:

    • Handle: wood, tiffany mint glossy finish, 4.5cm
    • Ferrule: aluminum, gold
    • Bristles: anti-bacterial synthetic bristles
    • Bristle length: approximately 2.4cm*
    • Total length (handle + ferrule + bristles): 11.5cm*
    • Total weight: approximately 30 grams*

    *As all our brushes have been crafted by hand, please allow a slight variation in bristle diameter, length and weight between brushes

    As with all our brushes:

    13rushes designs and crafts the world's finest makeup brushes. Using only the highest grade of textured synthetic bristles, our tools optimize makeup application, eliminates risks of allergic reactions to animal fur, and promote the use of non-animal products.

    Our award-wining brushes are 100% free from ponytails and goatees. We're committed to creating the finest animal friendly brushes on the planet, and believe in cruelty-free beauty that doesn't hurt our furry friends. 

    Popular questions:

    1) Comparison between the Flat Top Foundation and Base Buffer:

    • Both brushes have a bristle head that is similar in size, and made of identical materials. There's no difference between these 2 brushes when it comes to product application
    • The only difference is in the length and colour of the handle. The Flat Top Foundation has a longer handle (8cm) than the Base Buffer brush (4.5cm). Also, the Flat Top Foundation brush features dark purple handles, while the Base Buffer has been painted Tiffany Mint.

    2) Differences between the Flat Top Foundation and Angled Flat Foundation: The Flat Top Foundation brush has a bigger brush head than the Angled Flat Foundation. Consequently the...

    • Flat Top Foundation blends faster and covers large areas more quickly
    • Angled Flat Foundation requires more strokes to complete makeup application
    • Flat Top Foundation is less precise and requires more effort to reach the hard to reach areas of the face (this is not such a big problem if you are using the brush on yourself. But if you are a makeup artist, then this lack of precision and control might be a problem when you are applying makeup on the client)
    • Angled Flat Foundation is more precise so you can easily blend foundation or concealer under the eyes. 
    • Angled Flat Foundation is more multi-functional. You can use it with cream and liquid blushers and contouring makeup

    3) Similarities between the Flat Top Foundation and Angled Flat Foundation:

    • Equally dense for full- medium coverage
    • Ultra soft bristles that doesn't cause skin drag
    • Great with liquids and creams

    4) Can i use the Flat Top Foundation for bb creams or bb cushions? Absolutely! The flat top brush head exerts even pressure across the cushion, allowing an even product pickup. Its the perfect brush for that purpose and a quicker way to blend bb creams. 

    5) Help me decide between the 3 foundation brushes- 13rave, Angled Flat Foundation and Flat Top Foundation. There are 2 considerations to be made here- firstly the type of makeup used and secondly speed vs precision. Here's a general guideline:

    Makeup used:

    • Liquid and cream foundation: Angled flat foundation / Flat Top Foundation
    • BB creams or bb cushions: Angled flat foundation / Flat Top Foundation
    • Liquid and cream blushers: Angled flat foundation
    • Liquid and cream contouring makeup: Angled flat foundation
    • Compact powder: 13rave
    • Powder based blushers: 13rave (While the 13rave might be slightly big for the cheeks, you can still use it as a blusher brush by picking up makeup with only one side of the brush)  

    If you require speed, choose the 13rave/ Flat Top foundation. If you require precision, choose the Angled Flat Foundation