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Angled Brow (mini)

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Our sharpest angled brush.

Designed for applying both eyeliners and brow product, this tiny brush offers higher control than the average angled brush due to its shorter bristles. Yet it is soft enough to gently glide at your lashline.

With its narrow, short Taklon bristles, this mini brow brush is great for sketching fine hair strokes into the eyebrows. Also perfect for tapering off the browline. In short upward strokes, fill your brows following the natural shape of your brow bone.


Use with

⇨ Brow products

⇨ Eyeliners


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I need a small eyeshadow brush to apply gel eyeliner and powdered eyeshadow. Is this brush suitable?

The Angled Brow brush is a good gel eyeliner brush as it is  firm enough to give you a crisp line at your lashline. Its precision also allows it to "set" your liquid or gel liner with powder. To do so, dab a little bit of powdered eyeshadow onto the brush, and push it gently onto the gel liner to mattify your liner. Be careful not to add on too much powder onto your liner.. because if the eyeliner gets too thick and heavy, it might start to peel off.

This brush is good for drawing, sharp and defined lines. If you're looking for a brush to smudge out the powdered shadows, this brush might be too firm and too narrow. We would recommend the following brushes instead:

a) Mini Paddle: If you are afraid of fall-outs at the lower lash line, you'll need a tiny flat brush with straight bristles. The Mini Paddle is good at dabbing glittery/shimmery/powdery eyeshadows onto the lashline, giving an intense colour payoff. Although, its not that great at diffusing eyeshadows, it ensures a neat look, where the eyeshadows go precisely where they should. This brush is especially good for smaller eye shapes where lid space may be limited.

b) Petite Shadow: If you want shadows at the lash line to pop, yet still be sufficiently blended, we recommend a small, narrow and densely-packed brush. The Petite Shadow is a good at packing shadows and transferring colours at the undereye. Because it is thicker and bigger than both the Angled Brow (mini) or the Mini Paddle (and thus not a good brush to layer eyeshadows over the eyeliner), the Petite Shadow allows users to blend eyeshadows effectively without the harsh sharp lines. Apart from intensifying the under lash line, this brush is also commonly used to darken the outer v corners of the eyes.

c) Short Shader: The Short shader works very similarly to the Petite Shadow, except that the Short Shader is broader in width and blends quicker. The way it picks up and deposits eyeshadow is very similar to the Petite Shadow.

d) Detail Shader: If you want very diffused shadows and needs your lower lash-line to be blended without any edges, this is the brush to get. The Detail shader has a flattened fluffy brush head. Its narrow width means you can reach the undereye areas easily. As with all fluffy brushes, applying eyeshadows directly with a fluffy brush will result in lots of fall-outs. To counter this, always blend eyeshadows out using a clean fluffy brush. The right way to blend shadows, would be to first dab shadows onto the skin with a densely packed brush, before blending out with a clean fluffy brush. Blending small areas require more specialised tools, and we think the detail shader is a good addition. (The mini blender may be small, but its nowhere as precise as the detail shader. With its poorer control relative to the Detail Shader, we think the Mini Blender is better off as a blending brush for the upper lid area)

    Angled Brow (mini) - 13rushes - Singapore's best makeup brushes
    Angled Brow (mini) Sale price$14.00