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Article: 13rushes reviews: Max Factor’s Lipfinity Lip colour (Read to the end for giveaway!)

13rushes reviews: Max Factor’s Lipfinity Lip colour (Read to the end for giveaway!)

13rushes reviews: Max Factor’s Lipfinity Lip colour (Read to the end for giveaway!)

Earlier this month, we did a review on Max Factor's Healthy Skin Harmony Foundation. Next up, we’ll be reviewing two of the company’s signature lip products- the Lipfinity Lip Colour and the Colour Elixir Lipstick. These two lip products quickly stood out from our stash of lipsticks. In particular, we were impressed by the comfort, pigmentation and longevity these products offer.


For this reivew, let’s zoom in straight into Max Factor’s best selling liquid lip product, the Lipfinity Lip Color. 



Back in 2001, Max Factor first introduced its 12-hour long-lasting non-transfer lip colour, “Lipfinity”. Lipfinity has since progressed a long way and is now. Globally 45 shades have been created and 17 exciting shades are currently available in Singapore.

Lipfinity Lip Colour features the following: 

Color: Intense
Finish: Glossy
Coverage: Pigmented
2 in 1: Matte undercoat and lustrous sheen top coat. The matte undercoat comes with easy to use nib applicator. 
Longevity: Daring colour that lasts up to 24hours
Lips stay polished and perfected—with no drying out or caking



The product comes in a box with instructions in a few languages. Upon opening, there are one liquid lipstick and one top coat tube. The slim sized tubes make it really portable and easy to bring along. The liquid lipstick comes with a nib applicator that feels sturdy and easy to use.  


Quick Swatch: 

There are 2 ways to wear the Lipfinity. You can either use the liquid lip on its own to achieve a matte finish, or add a top coat for extra sheen. 

To help you visualize better, here are more swatches of the lip color on lips. We will be giving these shades for free with a min spend of $88 on our website! To learn more, click here to read about the T&Cs here:


If you prefer an extra precise application like we do, we’ll strongly recommend using the Precision Lip brush instead of the lip applicator. With its pointed tip, the Precision Lip brush helps you reach the corner of your lips easily and delivers a neat seamless finish. Considering how quickly the Lipfinity Lip colour dries, perfecting the application undercoat quickly and neatly is crucial.


For the top coat, use the Lip Perfector brush. This long, narrow, flat brush applies less pressure on the lips. Its soft, firm bristles will generously deposit the moisturizing top coat. 


Directions for ultra-polished, glamorous lips:

1. Apply a thin layer of Lipfinity color to clean, dry lips.
2. First line your lips using the Precision Lip brush.
3. Wait 1 minute for Lipfinity to dry.
4. Apply moisturizing balm using Lip Perfector brush.
5. Reapply balm top coat regularly throughout the day


When I tried the top coat, it lasts for 1 – 2 hours before a reapplication is needed. A thin layer of top coat will suffice, giving a glossy finish and remove signs of drying out. Honestly, the top coat could even double up as a lip-balm on no lipstick days.


Bonus tips: To achieve perfect looking lips, always exfoliate lips prior to application with a soft toothbrush. For ladies who are constantly in air-con rooms, remember to hydrate your lips and remove any excess moisture with a tissue.


Why Lipfinity?

The most impressive part to this lip product is no doubt its insane staying power. We’ve put this product to test and struggled to remove the product off without the use of a makeup remover. It even resists soaps!! 

And here's photo after we've washed the soap off. Notice how pigmented it still looks even after we (legitly) tried rubbing it off with soap.  

Free Lipfinity with purchase!

If you’ll like to receive one of this Liquid Lip, simply purchase $88 worth of products on our website from now till 27 May 2018. Click here for the terms and conditions (link: Giveaway ends on 27 May 2018.


Where else can I get the lip products?

Max Factor Lipfinity Lip colour is retailing at S$22.90 and can be found in selected Watsons store - Parkway Parade, Ngee Ann City, Bugis Junction, Bukit Merah Central, Bukit Panjang Plaza, West Mall, Imm Building, Ntuc Hougang Mall, Plaza Singapura, Novena, Toa Payoh (Hdb), Serangoon Garden, Raffles City, West Coast Plaza, Tampines 1, Ion, Orchard, Nex, Terminal 3 Check-In, Causeway Point, Amara 100am, City Square Mall, Jem, Bukit Timah Plaza, White Sands, Tiong Bahru Plaza, Terminal 4 Check-In, Northpoint City, The Centrepoint.

Alternatively, check their facebook page to check for the list of selected Watsons store). If you have decided on the shade, you can shop online with Watsons too!


Thank you for supporting 13rushes, till next time!

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