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What's In the Cupid's 5pcs Kit?

⇨ Angled Powder

Powder-Perfect. All-Over Glow. Your classic blush upsized. This generously sized brush was designed for fast application with all powder textures. More than just a regular loose powder brush, use this oversize brush to highlight your cheekbones, top of your shoulders, down the legs, or anywhere you want a radiant glow. Doubles up as a bronzing brush for a sun-kissed tan. For use on face and body.

⇨ Touch Up Artist

Have you tried to apply foundation with this baby? Well, you should! This flat crescent-shaped tapered brush blends even the creamiest product so you'll have a flawless face in no time. Furthermore, this brush is also a great multi-tasker. Apart from applying foundation, use it to prime, set, conceal dark circles, highlight and contour your face!

⇨ Illuminating Blush

Meet our new cute and fluffy highlighting and blush brush. Use the tapered tip to apply highlights precisely to the high points of your cheekbones. Switch to the flat sides to brush on some blush for a healthy flush of colour. This brush can be used for all textures of highlight and blush products.

⇨ Pencil

True to its name, this brush acts much like a pencil for your makeup as it’s used to draw on precise lines on lids, in the creases, or along the lashlines. Featuring a small tapered tip, this brush is amazing for precise eyeshadow application. It efficiently blends out harsh eyeliner, smudges shadow under the lower lashes, or darkening the outer v for a more dramatic look.


⇨ Short Shader

The Short Shader does a brilliant job at packing colours on the lid. A must-have for smudging products along the lash line or packing on eyeshadow on the crease. Deposits colours generously and intensely.


⇨ Diamond Shaped Brush Pouch (NEW PRODUCT)

This new brush pouch is designed with diamond-shaped sides creating a wider opening which allows easier viewing and access to your brushes. It's made with stain-proof pleather and nylon so you don't have to worry about creating a mess while travelling with your brushes. In addition to that, there are two slot compartments to help you stay organised!