Who Is this course for?

This course is aimed towards beginners who wish to learn essential makeup skills or beauty enthusiasts who hope to further their knowledge on personal makeup application. 

Prior experience or knowledge is not necessary for this course

    One to One Lesson
    A one to one lesson at 13rushes includes:

    • Duration: 3 Hours
    • Cost: $330
    • Entirely customisable on the topics you’d like to learn
    • Attention to your specific features and skin tone
    • Both theory and practical sessions are included in the lesson

    Class outline:

      • Self-discovery: Find out the best colours that work for your skintone, learn about your own face shape and discover your skin type.
      • Introduction to products: Learn about the tools of the trade and different types of makeup products.
      • Warming and cooling colours (the colour wheel), and their effect on you
      • Colour-Correcting and concealing 
      • Application and choice of foundation
      • Highlighting, Shading and blushers Technics
      • Achieving perfect lips
      • Application and blending of Eye makeup (Colour Wash, Smokey Eye and Socket Line)
      • Application of Eyeliners (Liquid, Cake, Gel, Crayon and Kohl)
      • Eyebrow shaping and styling
      • Applying eye liner and perfecting the different types of flicks
      • Lipstick application
      • Eye lash application
      • Building your make-up kit


    Please drop us an email at support@13rushes.com to schedule an appointment.
    Our classes are conducted at our Tranier's own studio in Serangoon. Should you prefer to have the class held at your preferred location, an additional $50 transport fee is chargeable.
    Make-up & Tools
    Makeup brushes are provided for use at our studio but feel free to bring your own if you like! We'll be providing clean 13rushes brushes for your use during your class with us. Our brushes are also available for purchase at our trainer's location. 
    While different types of makeup will br available for students to learn more about colours and texture, applying makeup directly from "shared/common" makeup products is discouraged especially in current times of Covid-19. We recommend that students bring their own makeup to class where possible.