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Is my brush a defect?

SCRATCHY BRUSHES: My brushes are not soft enough

Ensuring superior bristles quality has always been our priority. Scratchy brushes are completely unacceptable. So in the rare occasion that you find your brushes pokey or uncomfortable during use, do drop us a note and we will proceed to 

SHEDDING: My brushes shed when I wash them

It is perfectly normal for your brush to shed during initial washes, as all brushes sent out to our customers are new, unused and unwashed. Hence, a few loose hair from production might be trapped in the brushes. Shedding usually stops after a few washes.
Should you think your brush is shedding too much, kindly drop us a mail to ascertain if the product is a defect. A new replacement will be sent over.
To prolong the lifespan of your brushes and keep your bristles together, avoid exposing the brush to high temperatures. (e.g. hair dryer) and always remember to keep your brush ferrules dry!  

LOOSE FERRULE-HANDLE: The handle and ferrule are getting loose.

Should you notice a loosening handle within 90 days of purchase (whether you've used it or not), kindly drop us an e-mail and a replacement will be sent to you at no additional cost.

While 13RUSHES brushes are made to last, incorrect washing, temperature fluctuations, production errors and rough handling can loosen brush handles time. For purchases made after than 90 days, please drop us a mail should there be a "creaking" sound in your brush/ once the brush head detaches. A repair usually takes between 2 to 3 weeks as the glue may take up to a week to completely cure. A repair is free of charge for all 13rushes customers.