If you're interested in adopting from HRSS, please write to help@hrss.net for an Adoption Form to be filled up. Potential adopters will go through a simple interview form, a house visit by the volunteers from HRSS. HRSS adopts an indoor cage-free housing for the rabbits, adopters should be willing to keep their adopted rabbits indoors and offer either a free-roam or a minimum 6piece playpen setup (2m*1m). 

Having a rabbit is a 10year committment, please consider carefully before adopting one. =)

1. Bunny Name: Darwin


Darwin is our Senior bunny boy from our 3 Musketeers Rescue. He's neat and polite and a perfect gentlebun. He likes to keep things slow and laidback now, and wishes for a quiet and loving family who he can spend his golden years with


2. Bunny Name: Tuxedo

Tuxedo is a very friendly and polite young lad. This young lad is only 2 to 3 years old, but he has very good toilet habits!

He has a sweet temperament and loves company. Tuxedo can be handled fairly easily when he learns to trust you. Like all rabbits, he loves his food!


3. Bunny Name: Jonas 

Jonas is a handsome jersey wooly mix boy. He has long and fuzzy fur, so will need regular combing. He's a shy boy who takes time to warm up to you. But given time, he will warm up and be a nice little hoppy boy around the house.


3. Bunny Name: Kayea 

Kayea is a boy with a big personality. He gets a little protective over his area and is still currently undergoing training to be a good littertrained boy. 
We hope to find him a patient foster/adoptive family who wont mind his current situation and who will help him blossom into the real sweet bunny we think he really is.
4. Bunny Name: Groovy
Groovy is a happy and hoppy boy , and a great escapee. He has good litter habits and will do well in a free roaming environment.
5. Espresso
Espresso, shy little boy who needs time to be friends with you. He's still learning to use his litterbox better, but we're sure he just needs a loving human who will lead him to be the great bunny he is supposed to be.