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Bridal Makeup Follow-Through Service

At 13rushes, our mission is to keep you looking breathtakingly beautiful throughout your wedding day. With our specialized follow-through service, we provide an exclusive, on-demand touch-up and hairstyling experience to ensure you look and feel your absolute best from the first look to the final farewell.

Follow-Through Service Pricing

To ensure that our brides receive the highest level of attention and care, our follow-through service is available at the following rates:

• Weekdays: $150 per hour
• Weekends: $180 per hour

Service Commencement

The follow-through service begins immediately after the completion of the makeup application. To provide a seamless experience, the service will start at the same location where the initial makeup look is completed. This allows for an immediate transition to maintaining and enhancing your beauty throughout the event.

Booking with External Makeup Applications

We welcome the opportunity to provide our follow-through service even if your initial makeup is applied by another artist. For these circumstances, we require a minimum booking of a three-hour block. This ensures that we can uphold the quality and standards of our service, starting from your preferred location after the initial makeup application.

Understanding the Follow-Through Service

Our follow-through service is a commitment to maintaining and refreshing the original makeup artistry crafted for your special day. While we ensure you have access to on-the-spot touch-ups and the flexibility to change hairstyles, it's crucial to understand that this service is not designed to recreate your makeup look from scratch. Instead, we focus on enhancing and perfecting your existing makeup, whether it's adding dramatic elements or transitioning styles for different event segments—all built upon the initial makeup application.

Hair Style Changes

Adapting to different outfits or event settings is seamless with our service. Whether you envision a classic updo for your ceremony or loose waves for the reception, our follow-through service is here to accommodate your vision.

Impeccable Touch-Ups

You can count on us to be by your side, ensuring your makeup withstands the test of time and emotion throughout the day. Our expert touch-ups are discreet and efficient, designed to keep you looking fresh and radiant.

Service Duration

Our dedication begins immediately after your makeup application is complete and does not waver until the conclusion of your wedding events. We stand by to protect and preserve your perfect look from beginning to end.

Scope of Services

Our premium follow-through service includes:

- On-demand touch-ups for makeup
- Hair styling changes
- Minor styling adjustments
- Look transitions for different ceremonies

Location Movement

We understand that your wedding day can take you from place to place, and we're prepared to follow. Our service is fully mobile within Singapore, and we're equipped to provide seamless beauty care at each venue.

Additional Costs

We've got all travel within Singapore covered. For those fairytale locations beyond our borders, additional travel fees may apply. Any such fees will be transparent and agreed upon beforehand, ensuring no surprises.

Break Time

To deliver the highest quality service, a one-hour break is required for every six-hour block of service. This ensures that your makeup artist remains refreshed and at their best to serve you.

We are excited to be part of your journey and to offer a service that not only meets but exceeds your expectations for beauty on your wedding day. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and to craft the perfect beauty follow-through package for you.

Exclusivity for the Bride

Our follow-through service is exclusively designed to cater to the bride on her wedding day. This ensures that our undivided attention is devoted to keeping the bride's makeup and hair pristine. We understand the importance of the bride feeling her most beautiful, and our service is dedicated to just that—providing personalized, attentive care for her alone.

Arrangements for the Wedding Party

We recognize that wedding parties come in all sizes, and often, there's a desire for touch-ups and styling for bridesmaids and guests. Should you have a larger wedding party or anticipate the need for additional makeup services on the go, we can arrange for a team of skilled makeup artists to accommodate your guests. Our network of professional artists ensures that everyone can look their best, enjoying the same quality and style that we provide to our brides.

Please let us know the size of your party and your requirements in advance, so we can ensure that your day is as seamless and beautiful as it deserves to be.