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Gudetama's lazy brush kit

Sale price$99.00

In celebration of Gudetama's 5th year anniversary, we've collaborated with Sanrio to create a brush kit for your mundane everyday beauty regime.

Here are 5 multi-functional brushes that you can use interchangeably with different products. We've made sure the same brush can be used for different steps in your makeup routine. It's not about being perfect here...

If you're too unmotivated to read everything, just glance through the words in bold.

1. Foundation . Contour

A Gudetama version of our top selling Angled Flat Foundation brush. This brush blends foundation quickly so you can shave some time off blending and spend more time on sleeping. Doubles up as a contour brush for cream and liquid contouring products. Feeling lackadaisical? Use this brush to conceal dark circles too... no worries..

2. Blush . Powder

A big fluffy brush that's perfect for dusting on some setting powder or creating healthy rosy cheeks. Ahhh.. soft~

3. Blush . Highlight

A small fluffy brush designed for precise application of blushers and highlighters. The tapered design makes it also amazing for setting powder under the eyes. Great with all textures.

Wondering how you can use a single brush for both powders and liquids? You can do just that with this brush... use one side for powders and flip over for creams or liquids. How lazy!

4. Brows . Liner . Lips 

A dual-ended retractable brush that fills in your brows, lips and eyeliner. Use the angled side to fill in your brows, or add definition along your lash line. Switch over to the tapered side to fill in your lips or lightly conceal tiny blemishes. Comes with a cap to keep your brush clean!

5. Eyeshadow . Concealer

A lazy way to look less lazy. 

This fluffy brush is engineered for Asian eyes. The curvature of the bristles fits your lids perfectly, making it dummy proof for all beginners to eyeshadow. Swipe this brush over your lids to add a wash of colour all over your eyelids...real quick!

Using a towel, wipe the eyeshadow pigments off your brush. Next, use the same brush to conceal those dark eye circles with any concealer. We've optimized the density of this brush so you can use it with powders, liquids or creams.

Comes in a limited edition Tamago Sushi Gudetama brush bag with custom slots to keep your brushes neat and clean.


Gudetama's lazy brush kit
Gudetama's lazy brush kit Sale price$99.00

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