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Article: How does the Burnt Crimson collection differ from our usual range of brushes?

How does the Burnt Crimson collection differ from our usual range of brushes?

How does the Burnt Crimson collection differ from our usual range of brushes?

Firstly, the Burnt Crimson range features narrower bristles at 0.04mm bristles. As such, these brushes feel a little softer than our usual range of brushes.

Secondly, the Burnt Crimson range has a smaller wave on each bristle.

Bristle waviness is an element that we use to influence how a brush functions. In fact, it works a lot like a perm at the Salon. The bigger the perm, the bigger + fluffier + rougher your hair feels. A bigger wave may feel rougher, but it has the added benefit of picking up more powdered products.

By using a smaller wave, you get

  • smoother, silkier bristles
  • less fallouts during eyeshadow application
  • more precision in packing products onto the skin

Unfortunately, this reduction in waves also implies that each bristle are less able to trap products with its smoother surface.

(It's not all bad! There are 2 specific instances where a reduced product pickup is beneficial. 1) When your coloured cosmetics is very very pigmented and you always have trouble getting them evenly blended on your skin 2) When the skin you're working with is blemished and has been thoroughly concealed, and you now need a tool soft enough to not disturb the base makeup that you have painstakingly perfected)  

But before we conclude that the Burnt Crimson collection is less efficient at packing and depositing makeup, remember we mentioned that these new bristles have a smaller diameter? Because of its smaller size, we were able to pack more bristles in the ferrule of the Burnt Crimson collection. This helps to mitigate the problem of reduced pickup from smoother bristles. Simply apply a little more pressure during product pickup for a more pigmented color payoff or reduce the amount of force you use for a lighter finish.

In short, the Burnt Crimson range applies a little more precisely, feels a bit silkier, is less fluffy and picks up slightly slightly lesser products than our usual range at a single go. We personally like how this range allows you to fine-tune the amount of makeup you transfer.

As usual, we would like to remind our readers that the best brush for everyone does not exist. The makeup application experience is very personal one. We'll all eventually realise that we have our own preferences for tools best suited to our techniques.

Thanks for reading till the end, we hope this slightly long explanation gives you new perspective of what we do here at 13rushes <3

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