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Article: [ BRUSH OF THE MONTH ] Duo-fibre fan brush

[ BRUSH OF THE MONTH ] Duo-fibre fan brush

The Duo-fibre fan brush is our featured brush for July. Use code "fan10" to enjoy 10% off the fan brush. Expires 1st August 2016. 13rushes duo fibre fan brushThis brush is designed for:

  • removing eyeshadow fall outs
  • sweeping extra loose powder off the face
  • layering on blushers
  • creating subtle highlights on the forehead, cheeks, chin and collar bone

Brush design

The fan brush consists of 2 different types of bristles- White bristles that are straight and brown bristles that are wavy.
We've designed the fan brush to be a multi-functional tool. 

Specifically, we wanted it to 1) sweep powders off the skin and 2) layer a sheer amount of products on with each swipe. To achieve this, we've used a mixture of straight and wavy bristles to optimize product pick up and release.
The white part consists of flexible straight bristles. This property prevents the brush from blending powders into the skin, allowing it to sweep excess products or eyeshadow fall outs off. 
The brown bristles on the other hand, is wavy and textured. While wavy bristles improves the fan brush's ability to pick up powders, we've intentionally reduced the bristle density to prevent over application.

With its loose, spread out, fan shape bristle arrangement, the brush offers a sheer lightweight finish on the skin. This allows us to gradually layer products. Perfect if you want a natural looking, soft focus look!


Best with powder-based products

The fan brush is best with all powder based products and gives a lightweight, barely-there finish on the skin. 

In our opinion, the fan brush is less effective at blending creams and liquid products as the bristles are too soft to "push" heavier cream and liquid textures across the skin.

Note: The fan brush covers a large area at a time, making coverage soft and diffused. However this also means you might get your blusher and highlighter all over your face if you are not careful. Should you require a tool with more control, try the precision highlighter instead.




Our favorite highlighting brush13rushes highlight fan brush

The fan brush is easily our holy grail for creating a subtle glow on the skin. We've perfected the size of the fan brush so that it fits nicely on the upper cheek bones and in the middle of the forehead. 

Tip: Never use white or silver grey for highlighting the skin. These colors can turn out too frosty. 

Maintaining your fan brush

As the bristles used in the fan brush are really soft and delicate, the fan brush may go out of shape if stored carelessly. But don't worry, we have a solution for you!

First, dip the synthetic fibers into hot water (about 70 degrees celsius. Be careful, anything higher than 80 degrees may melt the bristles!). All you have to do next, is to shape the brush to dry on a dry towel.

This method works pretty well for all synthetic brushes (All of 13rushes's brushes are synthetic!)

However, do not try this on your natural hair brushes. Exposure to heat will damage the natural fibers, causing the brush to shed, fray and discolor.

So only try this method on synthetic brushes!


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