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Hello everyone! (:

13rushes officially turns 2 this October. It has been a crazily amazing journey for us, who would think a local brush brand could come so far? 2015 has been a year of refining, refining and refining for 13rushes. To be honest, the whole process of prototyping, refining and testing can feel terribly long and frustrating. Some of our customers would know, it is literally months of hard work to get a product right. Apart from the love for cruelty-free beauty, what really kept us going were your words of encouragement. We receive encouragement and feedback emails from you guys almost daily! Someone once told us, "just keep going because we've got your back!" (: Ikr, super super nice!

Annually, our team will pick our favorite brush of the year. Last year, the Luxe powder brush won our hearts with its super super luxurious bristles. This year, we created the 13rave- a multipurpose face brush with insanely soft bristles. We love how HD our makeup looks with this brush, and its a clear winner for us. 

Without the love, patience and support from our local community, we would not be able to learn and grow as a small business. Hence, we hope to take this opportunity to share what we love with you! As a small token of appreciation, complimentary 13rave brushes will be added to your parcels (order value>$58) this anniversary. 

Lastly, we've also put together a review and comparison of the 13rave brush. Hope you guys will find it useful!

13rave review and comparison:

Is this advice "use natural hair brushes for powders and synthetic brushes for creams and liquids" familiar to you? While there are indeed fundamental differences between synthetic and natural hair bristles, modern material technology has improved so much in the recent years that synthetic brushes can now be used for all textures (powders, liquids and creams). 

No longer scratchy and powder-repelling, the best synthetic fibres have their surfaces roughened so that they can imitate the way natural bristles pick up and release powders. Using a blend of straight and wavy textured bristles to replicate the movement of natural hair, we've created the 13rave- Our best face brush for pressed and mineral powders.

13rave is our proof that cruelty free tools can be equally functional. One does not have to sacrifice quality to be kind to the animals that share this planet with us.

The design:

Extra soft velvety bristles: To deliver a seamless streak-free application. 13rave blends gently without micro-exfoliation. No redness, never cakey. Perfect for sensitive skin.

Synthetic bristles re-engineered: The perfect blend of textured straight and wavy synthetic fibres replicates the movement of natural hairs for maximum powder performance and even color payoff

Gently sloping brush head: Unique bristles arrangement reaches every plane and contour of the face, including the delicate areas around the eyes and nose. Improves blending efficiency and ergonomics. Bristles slope gently at an angle for an ergonomic application experience.

Perfectly sized with optimal bristle density: Covers huge areas of the face with minimal strokes. Most efficient foundation brush in the our brush collection. Optimal density to prevent over-application. 13rave delivers just the right amount of products to achieve a flawless coverage and a smooth, soft focus effect.

13rave with powders:

13rave is perfect for pressed powders and mineral foundation as it is soft enough to avoid tugging at the face, dense enough to ensure seamless coverage and only slightly fluffy to prevent powders from getting all over the place. The brush picks just the right amount of product and distributes it evenly throughout the face and neck. It glides on effortlessly and helps achieving a flawless even finish. 


Comparing 13rave to other mid sized powder brushes, 13rave quickly stood out as being highly efficient, delivering the most flawless HD finish. 

13rave with liquid foundation:

13rave can also be used with liquid foundation. The super fine bristles leaves no pores and lines untouched, correcting complexion instantly. The result is an ultra lightweight, beautiful base finish.  

It is also the fastest foundation brush in the whole collection. With its relatively big brush head, it helps you cover huge areas of the face with minimal strokes. 

Do note though, that as 13rave has dense bristles, it soaks up more liquid foundation than other brushes. A good tip is to dot foundation on your face first, before blending them outwards using 13rave. In this way, you minimize product wastage and makes it easier to wash your brush later on. 

Because 13rave has super soft bristles, we would not recommend pairing it with cream foundation. The flat top foundation and angled flat foundation are better choices as they have stiffer bristles, giving them more "strength" to blend heavy cream formula out.

13rave with blusher:

It is pretty unconventional to use 13rave for blusher as it is considerably larger than most blusher brushes, but we've received so much feedback from our customers that it works really brilliantly for them, we decided to give it a try too!

With a bit of practice, you can use selective areas of the brush to apply blusher.

To use 13rave as a blusher brush, concentrate products only at the top of the brush head. Tap off excess and gently sweep blusher on cheeks for a soft and diffused look.

The effect is a nicely blended, natural-looking flush all over the cheeks.

However, if you prefer to apply blusher on specific areas of the face, check out the angled blusher brush- our all time best selling blusher brush.

13rave with contouring products:

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