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Article: New Items for May 2015

New Items for May 2015

Sneaky peak for the curious ones. We've just photographed some of our latest arrivals!

Powder Puffer, Large Tapered Powder and Tapered Powder

Why 3 new additions to our collection of powder brushes? Our current deluxe-size powder brushes are great for quick powder application, plus they feel amazingly fluffy.  While there's everything to love about them, we wanted to offer more precision and control to our powder brushes. And so, we created these new tools for targeted application.

1) Powder puffer- A Classic Setting Powder brush.  Use this brush with pressed or loose powders. We love this brush because the wide, dome-shaped tuft picks up just the right amount of powder for a natural-looking result. What's special about this brush is that we've flattened the brush head just slightly, to make it easier to pick up powders off a flat surface (say, compact powders). We've also made sure that this brush is soft enough for applying any powder product—bronzer, blush, or highlighter—over foundation without disturbing it.

When we designed the Tapered Kabuki back in 2013, we kept Versatility in mind. We wanted to create a common tool for both contouring and powder application. However, the Tapered Kabuki was somewhat challenging to use. It was slightly too large for controlled contouring, and slightly too dense for a light powder finish. To improve on the functionality and user-friendliness of our tools, we thought it's best to create specialized tools for their respective functions.'

2) Large Tapered Powder- An upsized, fluffier version of the Tapered Kabuki. Use this brush with pressed or loose powders. Made less dense than the Tapered Kabuki, the Large Tapered Powder picks up less products for a lightweight finish. The Tapered Point of the brush allows you to lightly powder around your nose. We will be renaming this brush as the "Feathery Soft Powder brush" for a special product launch with a new collaborator... will update soon!

3) Tapered Powder- A downsized version of the Tapered Kabuki. Designed for contouring with creams, powders, and bronzer and sculpting blushes. Easily adds definition and dimension to the planes of the face.


4) #13rave- An ultra soft base and contouring brush. This brush really deserves a post of its own. Its unique shape.. its ultra soft and fine bristles.. All we can reveal for now, is that this is a perfect tool for contouring work and foundation (CC creams, BB creams, compact powder and mineral foundation). Keep your eyes peeled for more information about this amazing brush!

Flat Top Foundation & Angled Flat Foundation

Our latest collection also includes modifications to our best selling foundation brushes. For one, we've downsized all of our foundation brushes to better suit Asian features. In addition, the original bristles has been replaced with our latest Dryklon bristles to reduce drying time. We've also played around with new bristles textures and and density to give a unique personality to each foundation brush.

5) Flat Top Foundation- Previously known as the Flat Top Kabuki, this brush is perfect for creams and liquid foundation. Keeping in mind what our fans loved about this brush, we made sure to keep the density identical. The only modification made was a slight reduction in the ferrule diameter (about 2mm). This means that you will continue to enjoy a flawless medium to full coverage. 

6) Angled Flat Foundation - Previously known as the Angled Flat Top Kabuki, we've downsized this brush significantly (about half of the original size) for maximum precision when used at the under eyes or around the nose. If you like to apply foundation only to targeted areas of the face, then this brush is for you. A smaller brush ensures that you do not over apply products, keeping your skin dewy and fresh looking. Its gently tapered strands create an angled slant that best allows bristles to reach all facial contours. Use this with liquid, cream and compact powder foundation.

7) Round Foundation - Previously known as the Round Kabuki, its gna be THE brush for your powder-based foundation. We're still in the midst of prototyping for this brush. Will keep you guys updated once its ready! 

Detail Liner

This is a really tiny flat angled liner brush for drawing fine and crisp lines. Really beginner-friendly!

To purchase..

Some of these items are already up for purchase in our 7 piece and 10 piece customizable kits as backorder items.

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