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You are watermelon (我的美人)


Assure your beloved that she's the prettiest in your eyes. Nothing speaks "you're beautiful" more than our cheesy watermelon packaging!

What's inside:

  • Round powder: loose powder brush for face and body
  • Usual price of $29

How to know if this is the right gift:

  • Open up her makeup pouch and have a rummage around
  • Look for palm-sized containers that says "loose powder", "press powder" or "finishing powder"
  • If you can't find any or the above, maybe just trust your gut feeling, or flip a coin to decide.
  • Haha, don't worry though, it's still our best seller!


  • Gorgeous waterproof zip case to keep her brush clean.
  • We've even designed a special space on the art card for you to write your gift message on!
  • These gift case measure 6cm x 4cm x 4cm (base) and 22cm (height).
  • Fits all 13rushes brushes.


  • Don't worry if you have trouble explaining how to use this brush to your girlfriend. Instructions can be found in the packaging insert!
  • But if she asks, act like a pro and tell her to: Dip the brush in powder and tap off the excess. Instead of buffing, use light dabbing motions to set makeup. This prevents buffing away the makeup that was previously done, leaving you with a natural long-wearing finish. Perfect with both loose powders and pressed powders.

Why $24.00:

  • 240 = 爱死你 = love you to bits! 

Shipping and delivery:

  • We require 1-2 working days to prepare the brush for shipment
  • Thereafter, normal mail will take about 2-5 working days to arrive, registered articles will take about 1-3 working days to arrive.
  • If you're in a rush, remember to leave a note for us or opt for courier delivery (same day or next day shipping)!