[Prototype] Retractable brushes

$49 $70

Issue: These retractable brushes have no logo and may have scratches on the exterior of the brush.

Function: We're selling this in a bundle of three brushes. They serve the following purposes:

1) Loose/ Pressed powders (cap is quite tight, bristles are fluffy and soft)

2) Liquid foundation (cap is quite tight, bristles are densely packed)

3) Powder blushers (cap is slightly on the looser side)

What's good: Nothing wrong with their bristles. And they come with a cover :D All our customers love brushes with covers. Small and easy to bring around, so if you need a quick touch-up while you're out, these are good!

What's not so good: It might be a little tough to clean the insides of the cap. But with a little more diligence.. we're sure you can manage!

What you will receive: 3 brushes (Foundation, blush, loose powder)

No exchanges or refunds valid for sale item


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