[Unreleased] Dome Buffer

$15 $25

Issue: They made this brush in the wrong color!


Foundation: Powders, Liquids and Creams. With its density, this brush has no issues with blending very heavy or creamy products.

Contouring: This brush is relatively dense, so contouring with this brush will give you a stronger effect.

What's good: We love how this portable travel friendly brush blends foundation out without any streaks. It’s super pplush so it behaves a little like a sponge if you know what we mean! At $15 a brush, this brush definitely won't break the bank 😉

No exchanges or refunds valid for sale item. 

Back story: This brush was originally produced under the Brea's Adventures collection. However, the entire batch of foundation brush did not make the cut and have been sitting in our warehouse.. it's quite a bit of a waste to simply dispose of these brushes.. so we thought of absorbing part of the cost, and putting these up as sale items. Hope you guys wouldn't mind!

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