[Unreleased] Broad wooden shader

$19 $28

Issue: Unreleased brush with no labels or logo on the handle. There might be dents and scratches on the handle.

Function: Contouring, loose powder

What's good: There's nothing wrong with these bristles at all. These wooden brushes are narrow yet broad making it super dummy proof to contour your face.

Use this brush to add shadows along the jawlines and under the cheekbones very quickly, very evenly and very precisely (pretty rare to find these three qualities in one brush). Also, because the bristles have the right density, it helps your contouring look natural and effortless. We really love this!

What's not so good: Because these are rather odd shapes, some of our customers have expressed that it is a little difficult to keep such brushes. It does not come with a cover. They also are rather big brushes so it's tough to put it in pouches. Apart from this storage issue, these brushes is pretty much a perfect brush for rushed mornings!

No exchanges or refunds valid for sale item


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