Universal Do-It-All Face


Finally, a brush that does it all!

It's a foundation brush, highlighting brush, bronzer brush, contour brush, and a blush brush all-in-one... Seamlessly applies both liquids, creams and powders! 


Co-created with one of Singapore's most prolific artist, Larry Yeo.

When we embarked on this collaboration with Larry, we asked him what would his dream brush do, and he said, ‘One that would perform brilliantly for all purpose and with all textures and formats!’. And two years, 15 prototypes later, we finally perfected the density and shape of Universal Do-It-All Face, and are proud to call this magnificent product our own.


All-round practical, thoughtful design

Universal Do-It-All Face is shaped in a manner that allows for the bristles to be as dense as possible, yet gives sufficient movement to ensure an even distribution of the makeup product when used.  With the slight angle and designed to be broader at the width, Universal Do-It-All Face makes applying liquid products on the face contours a cinch – a pro for those who prefer not to apply foundation, creams or sunscreens with their fingers.

On top of that, the bristles are also lush and fluffy enough such that both powder and liquid products glide on the skin without either transferring too much powder or causing unsightly streaks that often come with a dense brush. Its lushness means the brush is optimal for powder and liquid products alike, and being synthetic and artfully-angled, the brush does not absorb too much product like blending sponges often do and application of product along the contours of the face is, quite literally not a ‘drag’!


Get a few of these for different purposes.

We recommend using a different Universal Do-It-All Face brush when you're working with multiple textures – so one for sunscreen or primers, one for your foundation or highlighter and another just for the powders. It's always a good idea to use a separate brush when you're switching from liquids to powders and vice versa!


*The Universal Do-It-All face brush is excluded from all discounts


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