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Step 5: Eyes


Step 5: Eyes- Brows, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner

A) Angled Brows
Featuring wide, short taklon bristles, the classic Angled brow brush is great for sketching fine hair strokes into the eyebrows, and applying eyebrow powder for a fully groomed brow. In short upward strokes, fill your brows following the natural shape of your brow bone

B) Pencil Brush
The Pencil brush is amazing for precision eye makeup. This brush smudges shadow under the lower lashes, and creates a very defined outer V for that cat-eye effect.

C) Fluffy Blender
The Fluffy Blender is a 2-in-one, multi-functional brush that applies and blends out eye shadow at the same time. Its versatility and ease of control makes it an essential brush to own.

D) Detail Liner
The most precise eyeliner brush in our collection. Featuring a very fine, angled nylon tip, this brush easily creates an ultra-thin line with exceptional precision.