[Pokey + Prototype] Foundation brush with cover

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Issue: Bristles are pokey and may feel prickly against the skin if you apply too much pressure. Comes without logo.


Foundation: Powders, Liquids and Creams. With its density, this brush has no issues with blending very heavy or creamy products.

Contouring: This brush is relatively dense, so contouring with this brush will give you a stronger effect. Use with liquid or cream contouring products.

What's good: While this brush may not be as soft as intended, it comes with a cover! We know some of you have been looking for brushes with covers, because it keeps dust out, it's easy to carry around... Just in case you're wondering why covered brushes are so uncommon.. it's because most factories are reluctant to produce a custom cover for a brush if the quantity is too low. So unless you're planning to make 20000 pieces of the same brush, (not possible for us because brushes are handcrafted!), covers are out of the question!

The black version has a shorter handle, and has a slightly smaller brush head. In terms of performance, we think they are very very similar. So no real difference there. 

No exchanges or refunds valid for sale item. 

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