[Past Collection- real soft] Oval Blush


Issue: Past collection. Produced in 2015. Might have minor scratches on the ferrule or handle of the brush.

Function: Applies blusher on the apples of the cheeks.

What's good: Everything. The bounciness, the fluffiness, the silkiness. There's so much to love about the Oval blush! Although this brush is slightly smaller than most blush brushes out there in the market, we found this to be the perfect size for professional makeup artist! 

Backstory: The Classic blush is the new version of Oval blush. We changed the name of the brush as the brush shapes have changed over years of multiple revisions. As to why we still have so many of these brushes... 😅 Well we love these so much we decided to hoard a bunch (more like a hundred) of these. The bristles are so rare and we wasn't able to replicate the same feel and texture. Not that the new ones are not as good.. they just feel different. And we wanted to keep these for memories 😂 We've eventually decided that we only have a face each.. and there really wasn't a good enough reason for our hoarding habits anymore. But these are amazing!

No exchanges or refunds valid for sale item. 

have a look again!