Multi-tasking heros!


Let us help you navigate the sale, starting with these 3 well-loved multi-taskers.

All 3 brushes can blend liquids, creams and powders. You can do your most of your face makeup with these brushes by varying your strokes and strength! All these brushes are available at a 20% off with a min spend of $40 ✨

1. Contour highlight dual

Two is certainly better than one!

The smaller, tapered side of the brush is perfectly shaped to set the under-eye area, to highlight the nose bridge. While the larger side is designed to be used for all-over application on the face.

Watch video here

2. Blush and bronze 

Don’t we all love a travel friendly brush, that does more than what it was designed for? 😍 This brush is incidentally a powerhouse at blending creamy products as well as silky soft powders. A big bonus for a being a mid-size face brush, because that gives extra precision!

Watch video here

3. Touch up artist 

We wanted a brush that was flat, firm but still keeping it a little fluffy so that it can pack on powders precisely with minimal fallouts. These characteristics coincidentally makes the brush wonderful for blending liquids and creams. One thing we all dislike is how big chubby brushes absorb way too much products. So this brush solves that! This brush actually blends more than it absorbs ♥️ reducing wastage, maximising efficiency!

Watch video here

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