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Black Magnetficent brush holder (Large)


What is it: A trusty magnetic brush holder made ultra-roomy and sturdy to hold all your brushes and keep them perfectly in place.  

Flaunt your prized brushes on your vanity: Keep your brushes organized at home with this oh-so-chic case. Opens easily into two separate canisters for easy access to your beauty tools. Easy-to-clean faux leather material makes keeping tidy a cinch.

Protect your beauty tools while traveling: When you are on the go, simply cup the canisters together for a portable brush case that protects and stores your tools. No clips, no zips. The magnetic canisters close easily and securely, making packing a breeze!

Fits about: 60 small brushes (eyes/concealer) or 7 big brushes (foundation/powder)

Dimensions: 23cm x 9.5cm x 6.8cm