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Let's Taco bout you and me


Like someone but feeling shy? Break the ice with this gift so you can taco about your feelings!

What's inside:

  • Flat Top Foundation: super fast foundation application
  • Angled Flat Concealer: hides dark eye circles
  • Oval Blush: for blushing cheeks
  • Firm Lip Perfector: applies lip products
  • Usual price of $25 + $16 + $19 + $14 = $74

How to know if this is the right gift:

  • Open up her makeup pouch and have a rummage around
  • Look for labels such as "Foundation","Concealer", "Blusher", and "Lipstick"
  • Even if you can't find any of the above, don't worry. We've selected only the essentials so its hard to go wrong! 


  • Gorgeous waterproof zip case to keep her brush clean.
  • We've left the inside blank so you have lots of space to write your own heartfelt message.
  • The gift case measure 6cm x 4cm x 4cm (base) and 22cm (height).
  • Fits all 13rushes brushes.


    • Don't worry if you have trouble explaining how to use this brush to your girlfriend. Instructions can be found in the packaging insert!

    Why $53.66:

    • 5366 = 我想聊聊= I'll like to talk

    Shipping and delivery:

    • We require 1-2 working days to prepare the brush for shipment
    • Thereafter, normal mail will take about 2-5 working days to arrive, registered articles will take about 1-3 working days to arrive.
    • If you're in a rush, remember to leave a note for us or opt for courier delivery (same day or next day shipping)!