The Conscious Kit- HW60


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To celebrate Her World's 60th year anniversary, we've put together a curated kit of five brushes. This brush kit features some of our softest brushes made with minimal components for easy recycling.

In line with Her World's continued efforts to empower and support women, we will be pledging 13% of the proceeds from the sale of this kit to Dress for Success, a non-profit organisation that seeks to help women achieve economic independence. Click here to learn more about how our beneficiary's work.

An overview of the 5 cruelty-free brushes:

  1. Large Tapered Powder: This large fluffy brush gently tapers to a point, offering both speed and precision for an ultra lightweight powder finishing. This brush is easily the softest powder brush in our collection.
  2. Angled Blush: This fluffy brush deposits a sheer layer of pigment with each swipe for a gradual build-up of colours on the cheeks. We also love this brush for contouring as it creates soft, gentle shadows in a few swipes.
  3. Angled Shadow: With its narrow width, the Angled Shadow easily contours the nose and shapes the eyes. Following your natural bone structure while you contour, this brush adds dimensions to create the illusion of a deeper set eyes and slimmer nose. The fluffy bristles allow easy blending along the side of the nose and eye crease.
  4. Large Shadow: An all-purpose eyeshadow brush. Use the full width of the brush to swiftly apply a soft wash of colour to the eyelids. When turned on its side, the edges blends shadows gently along the crease.
  5. Medium Shadow: This brush is great for sweeping eyeshadows onto the lids. As it is more densely packed than the Large shadow  it offers a higher colour payoff. Use it to apply a wash of base colour all over the lids or pack on shimmer shadows to the center of the lids

As the bristles used in this collection are softer and finer than our usual collection, we recommend using these brushes with powder-based textures only. 

About our Conscious Collection

Featuring lacquer-free and paint-free wooden handles, this conscious collection is our attempt at lowering the impact of our consumption for the planet. By reducing the number of components made from different materials, we hope to make our brushes a little more sustainable than before. 

Unlike our wooden handle, our synthetic fibers however do not biodegrade. To dispose of brush, we recommend removing the bristles first before composting the wooden handle. 

While not biodegradable, synthetic fibers are still a gentler option for our environment and a kinder alternative to animal hair brushes. Large amounts of resources and energy go toward factory fur farms, which then generate huge amounts of dangerous chemical waste. Also, fur farms create unnecessary sufferings for the animals.

Synthetic fibres may not be the perfect solution for our environment, but we believe it's a lesser evil as compared to animal hair brushes. Plus, the animals will thank you for your compassionate choice!

Notice a tiny squirrel engraved at the bottom of your brush handle? It's our way of saying thanks! You've helped to save a precious squirrel life by refusing to use brushes made from animals (:

About Her World

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About the packaging

Every year millions of animals fall victim to the brutal fur industry, one of the darkest trades in animal agriculture.

The hair from raccoon, goats and squirrels are the usual favourites for face brushes. Horses and cats are often used to make eyeshadow brushes. Weasels or kolinsky are top choices for use with liquids and creams. Deers are often used for smaller brushes. Pigs and badgers have coarser hair and are often made into shaving brushes or brow brushes. Just recently, silver foxes have unfortunately joined this gruesome trade.

Often out of sight out of mind, these animals do not have a voice to speak for themselves. It is a shame that many of us are unable to recall the types of animals involved in this trade. 

We hope to take this opportunity to raise awareness for the countless animals who are still trapped in these farms. The illustrations on the exterior of our shipping box showcase some of the commonly exploited animals of the makeup brush industry.

This pinch lock box is uncoated and printed with soy ink. 

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