Guest makeover


1 session of guest makeover includes the following at no additional charges:

  • Hairstyling + makeup application 
  • Use and application of false eyelashes 
  • Products used for skin prep (ampoules, serums, makeup base etc)


This session does not include makeup trial. Makeover services are excluded from price discounts on 13rushes’ website.

Makeup trial:

Hair and makeup trials are preliminary run-throughs of the bridal beauty look. Similar to dress rehearsals, they serve to test out and align expectations. Our artists will try out various colors, lashes, cosmetic products and hairstyles

Fresh look: A bit of jargon but simply put, fresh look usually refers to makeup done from scratch, on bare cleaned face. Instead of going over existing makeup)

Ampoules: Commonly known as a magical potion in a glass vial used to help makeup last longer, keeps skin hydrated and rejuvenate your youth once more... ampoules are a fancier term for skincare that's suitable for use before makeup application. While impressive looking, breaking those glass vials presents a high risk of cutting the artist or clients. Trust that our artists will bring appropriate skincare for your use before makeup application!

Early morning surcharge:

  • Should makeover start between 2am to 7.30am, a flat fee of $90 applies. Morning surcharge has accounted for in the prices seen in our website’s drop down 

Best practices:

    • Keep your hair dry and clean. Wash your hair one day before your wedding day and blow dry it thoroughly from the roots: Many brides make this faux pas of shampooing their hair on their wedding day, or sleeping with damp hair. It is super important that we start off with clean dry hair. Firstly, any moisture in the hair will make it difficult for hair preparations. Curls will not hold and volume will be tough to create. Secondly, sleeping overnight with damp hair makes the root of the hair really oily (plus it will smell too!) while some brides believe dirty is better and refrain from washing their hair for days… we discourage that too! When your hair has too much oil, it makes it difficult to style and weighs down the hairstyle.
    • Skincare: Apart from toner, we discourage brides from using moisturisers and sunscreen just before the makeover. Some skincare may cause foundation to flake and pill.
    • Lash lift: lash lift is always encouraged because it will help our false lashes stay lifted the whole day! A medium lift is preferred, we only need the lashes to be gently curled so that it wouldn’t look too exaggerated 
    • Lash extensions:  If you require eyelid adjustment, remove your lash extensions because our artists will require both the use of false lashes and double eyelid tape to create the lid fold. If you prefer the look of lash extensions to false lashes, inform your lash artist to create a more perky lash style so that it would not droop to cover your eyes.
    • Well-lit room: If possible, brides can consider adding extra lights to their room. A brightly lit room will help both the bride and her artist see colors and details more accurately. Not to mention your photographer and videographer will thank you for it too!
    • Power sockets and extensions: Our artists will bring extensions for our styling tools. Should the powder socket be too far away from the styling area, we suggest providing an extension for us in case our cable is not long enough 
    • Keeping to your makeup timing: As our artists may have multiple appointments in a day, keeping to your allocated makeup timing is important to ensure your artist has enough time for makeover. We encourage clients to work out their schedule before making a booking with us. Multiple changes to makeup timing may incur a rebooking fee 

Makeup artists, choice of either artist:

  • Christine (@christinechiamakeup)
  • Yu Hui (@yuhui.13rushes)

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