[Dents/ uneven surface/ poor printing]- Blending sponges

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Dents/ uneven surface/ stains/ poor printing issue on the sponge


Use with:

⇨ Foundation, BB cream, CC cream (Liquid or cream-based)

⇨ Concealer (Liquid or cream-based)

⇨ Blusher, contouring or highlighting (Liquid or cream-based)

⇨ Loose powder for baking

What's good: This sponge expands in size when damp, creating a soft bouncy sponge for makeup application. Offers a light to medium coverage. Note that sponge is on the firmer side, which means its more resistant to tears and will last longer.


What you will receive: 3 sponges, 1/design

No exchanges or refunds valid for sale item. 

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