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[Dents+Scratches] Touch-up Artist

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Issue: There are 2 separate issues facing the Touch Up Artist.

Firstly, some have Dents and scratches on the handle or ferrule of the brush. 

Secondly, some will shed. Shedding is usually localised, at a single point of the brush head. If you do not tug at that area, the bristles are unlikely to drop. Washing might cause the brush to shed. You can expect shedding of about 2-10 strands of bristles per wash. The brush is unlikely to go completely bald as the shedding issue only happens to a part of the brush. But yes, the brush will become less full over time with use, though that will take months before the effect becomes noticeable.

If you select the option “Dents and Scratches”, these brushes would only have cosmetics defects and would not shed.

If you select the option “Shedding”, these brushes would shed, and will not have dents or scratches.

Primary functions:

Foundation application

Primer application

Pressed Powder application (e.g. under the eyes)

Secondary functions:


Cream contouring

Cream blusher

Blending undereye concealer (non precise, broad area)

What's good:

This brush has beautifully layered bristles. Being a flat brush, you can use each side of the brush head with a different product, for a different function. For instance, one side of the brush can be used to apply foundation, while the other "dry side" can be used to apply pressed powders. Having a flat but broad shape means you get both speed and precision.

No exchanges or refunds valid for sale item. 

[Dents+Scratches] Touch-up Artist
[Dents+Scratches] Touch-up Artist Sale price$7.90 Regular price$24.00