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[Dents+Scratches] Jumbo Shader

Sale price$14.00 Regular price$16.00

Issue: Dents and scratches on the handle or ferrule of the brush

Primary function: Applies eyeshadow in a general non-specific way

Use with

⇨ Eyeshadow all over eyelids

⇨ Setting powder under the eyes

What's good:

The Jumbo Shader is an extra large paddle-shaped brush. Its dense rounded tip easily picks up eyeshadow pigments. Use it to apply eyeshadows all over the lid. Doubles with as a mini loose powder brush to set makeup under the eyes.These cosmetic defects will not affect the function of the brush. The bristles are as soft as our regular brushes!

No exchanges or refunds valid for sale item. 

[Dents+Scratches] Jumbo Shader
[Dents+Scratches] Jumbo Shader Sale price$14.00 Regular price$16.00